Have you ever wondered to lock your ios device with pattern lock ? If yes then you have landed on the right post. If you have ever used an android device then there is a high possibility that you are in love with the cool pattern lock feature of android. You must be aware about the fact that pattern lock is by default comes with all android devices but in ios devices (iphone/ipad/ipod) you are only provided with the option to lock your device with pass code or finger print lock in few of the upgraded models and pattern lock in not the inbuilt function, but I would like to inform you that you can still lock your iphone/ipad/ipod with an android style pattern lock with a simple trick.

Add pattern lock in iphone

How To Create Android Like Pattern Lock For Your Iphone/Ipod/Ipad

If you are an Iphone user then you must be aware about the Cydia store. Right ? If not then let me tell you Cydia is just like an app store for Ios devices, you can easily get free and premium apps from Cydia store. I recently found an app available on Cydia, that lets an iPhone user to lock his smart phone with a pattern lock. That means, the app can successfully add android like pattern lock functionality in an IOS device.

I would not like to waste your precious time any more and therefore let’s back to the point. If you have recently replaced your old android device with an iPhone and somehow you are still in love with the pattern lock feature of android then you  do not need to worry as you can add pattern lock functionality in ios devices within a couple of minutes.You just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below to get a pattern lock in your iphone.

Add Pattern Lock To Iphone , Ipod , Ipad

  1. Go yo Cydia store and search for “Android Lock for Free“.
  2. Download and install “Android lock for free” in your ios device.
  3. To activate the pattern lock on your Iphone, Go to setting and tap on Settings, then tap on Android Lock and then finally tap on “Change Pattern”.       Settings >>Android Lock>>Change Pattern
  4. Now draw a pattern of your choice that you want to use it to unlock your iphone. You just need to remember the pattern you just added.
  5. It’s time to check whether the pattern lock for your iphone is working fine or not. Simply click on the Sleep button at right side top of your ipad/iphone/ipod to lock it.
  6. Now you will be prompted with the pattern lock screen like an android phone, you just need to draw the pattern which you have added in step 4 to unlock your iphone or any other ios device.


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