You may be using Google to search something, more than 20 times a day, but do you know, you can save enough of your time by using efficient search phrases, to pull up your exact required information at the top of search results. You can use any search engine except Google but when you’ll come back to Google then you’ll realize that the technologies and artificial intelligence that Google has, can never be matched by anyone. The simple looking Google is embedded with many tools that many of us are unaware of. Those tools can save a lot of your time if used in a day to day life. I have come up the best collection of useful and amazing Google tools and syntax that you can also start using from now onwards to save your time.

Use These 20 Google Search Tricks To Save Your Time

  1. Use Google To Get Local Time Of Any City Of The World

    Google can help you in getting the current local time of any city of the world. The only thing you have to do is, type time city-name
    For Eg. :- If you wish to view the current time of New York.Then, Type :- time new york on google search box.

  2. Get Local Weather Report of your City Instantly

    If you are wishing to see the weather report of your city, then google may be the best companion for you.Just type weather ‘city name‘ to view the weather report.
    For Example: weather chicago will show you the current weather reports of the chicago city on the top of the search results.

  3. Search a Specific File Type

    If you want to search a file with some specific file format like pdf,ppt,doc,docx, etc. Then Just type
    Topic filetype:ppt.For Eg: If you want to search for a pdf file on the topic “Information Technology”, then type information technology filetype:pdf

  4. Search For a Specific Title/Phrase

    If you want to search for a particular title on Google then you can use intitle. It is the syntax which is used to search a specific title within the web. For eg: intitle:tricks returns all pages that have the word “tricks” in their title.

  5. Search by Using “Inurl” Syntax

    Inurl keyword gives you all matches,where url of the pages contains that particular keyword. There is one more syntax:- allinurl. Example inurl:admin returns all matches, where url of searched pages must contain the word “admin” .

  6. Search a Specific Website

    site: restricts search to a specific web site.It will only show the search results from a particular domain. It can be used to gather the information from a specific domain.
    Example: tricks will find results related with tricks only from the domain

  7. Use Google As An Online Dictionary

    If you are looking for a meaning of any word then there is no need to search for any online dictionary as you can straight away type Define followed by the word. It will show you the definition or meaning for that particular word. For Example: define: software will give you the definition of software.

  8. Currency Conversion

    You can get updated with the current currency conversion rate as Google can convert currencies values in seconds. You just need to type currency1 vs currency2 in Google. For Example : dollar vs inr.

  9. Unit Conversion

    Google is made to convert units for you. If you are a science student then this tool can save a lot of your time as you can directly type unit1 to unit2 to instantly see the converted unit value. For example: Kg to pound
    google tricks

  10. Use Google as a Scientific Calculator

    It is one of the excellent tool of Google that can instantly solve the most complex mathematical queries for you. You do not need to rely on any other mathematical website or online calculator if Google is there for you. Example : log(10) , sqrt(25), sin(25) etc. You can also get the instant answer for any of your complex mathematical numerical. For Example sin(log 8)+log(cos(tan 56))/cot 29
    google calculator

  11. Google Translate

    Google translate can train you to be a multilingual person. You can instantly translate any word or sentence to almost any language from around the word. With this powerful tool of Google you can chat on internet with any person around the world. You can type any word or sentence followed by to language-name. For example love to spanish
    English to hindi translate

  12. Find Links To A Particular Website.

    If you are looking for the pages that links to a given website then Link can save your enough time

  13. Google Advanced Search Page

    The tool is made to make your complex search easy. If it is not possible for you to remember all the complex syntax of Google and its kind of a headache for you then Google Advanced Search is the best search tool for you.

  14. Find out the distance between cities

    It is another amazing google search tricks which allows you to get distance between two places and cities. You have to simply open google and type distance from first place to second place. It will provide you distance between those places.


  15. Get lyrics of song

    This feature of google will helps you to get lyrics of any song. You have to simply type a song name and then lyrics after the song name. It will provide you full lyrics of the song.


  16. Graph for (math function)

    Graph is another amazing feature of the Google which let you get graph of any math function. You have to simply type graph for and then a function of math. It will provides you full graph details of the function which you have provide it. For ex graph for sin(x) + cos(x).


  17. Songs by Artist Name Feature

    This feature of google provide full details of songs by an artist. You have to just type Song by artist name. It will provide popular song related to that artist in few seconds.

    songs by

  18. Books by Writer Feature

    As like songs by feature it is also an amazing feature of google which provides you book written by a writer. You have to simply type books by writer name. It will provides you all books written by that writer along with the year of book release.

    books by

  19. Set a timer

    Set a timer is a good google tricks by which you can easily set a timer for a specific time. You have to just type set a time for a time. It will provides you remaining time for time which you provide it.

    Set a timer

  20. Stopwatch

    Google also provides you a stopwatch so that you can easily start timer and forget about an external stopwatch device. You have to just open google on your smartphone and type stopwatch. It will provides you an easy to use stopwatch with start and reset option.



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