If you are looking for your partner and already hunting for the dating apps and websites, then this article might be a fullstop for your search. You might be aware about few cheap sites that claim to get you to a new relationship by randomly connecting your chat to a stranger, but most of them are  more or less made to serve you the adult content, which may not be a good option to use. This post is to discuss about a non-popular android app whose concept of finding a perfect partner for you is very smart, sober and genuine. The unique concept of that app makes it a far different from the other bullshit apps.Let me not to play further with your curiosity, the name of the app is Vee.It is currently available for android and iphone users.

What is Vee and How To Use It ?

Vee – We make relationships  is a ‘Talk to strangers’ app for android and iphone users which lets you to find a perfect nearby match for you along with it also respects your privacy as well .The app is simple and sober without any uncensored content. With this app you can find a perfect match by looking at the profile pictures, common interests and location. If the opposite one is also interested in you, then the chat can be initiated,otherwise you can look for the otherone, this concept of vee also ensures the privacy of their users. It also respects your gender and always show you the persons of opposite gender only, therefore this app is not made for those who are attracted to their same gender.. 

vee android and iphone app best talk to stranger app

 Vee asks you to login with your facebook account to get you started in less than a minute. You can browse through the interesting verified profiles matching your interests, it shows you the pictures, profession, zodiac and education. You can simply tap the like or cancel button after looking at each profile, Vee will connect you both with the chat session only after the mutual likes, else the app will keep you both anonymous from each other to ensure your privacy. During the one on one private chat session, if you think it was not a right connection then you can break the connection at anytime to regain your privacy and anonymity to make your information again safe and there will be no way other person can contact you again unless you like him/her again.

Major Points To Focus

  1. It finds only real and genuine persons for you and not like other bullshit apps.
  2. It respects your information security. It will remove all the chat history after you break up the conversation, even it is not possible to retrieve it back.
  3. The app automatically finds and shows you only the nearby vee users.
  4. No headache of losing data.
  5. You can break the conversation at anytime to regain your confidentiality and anonymity.


Vee is an awesome app that can surely help you in converting any interesting stranger to friend, however it is not recommended for school going teenagers of less than 17, as the addiction can badly affect their academics and it might be awkward to login with facebook for few people who have a doubt regarding the privacy issues with respect to their facebook profile as Vee stores all  of your information from Facebook, so as to serve you well.