You might have heard suggestions from your friends to use free DNS servers or public DNS servers but do you actually know why to use public DNS server if your ISP has already assigned one for you ? Let me tell you the reason behind it. If your internet service provider is not reliable then an alternate free DNS server can improve reliability and security or if some of the content on the internet is blocked in your geo-location, then you can try changing your default DNS server to an alternate one.

Today I am featuring down a list of free DNS servers which are also public DNS and you can use them to boost your internet speed or to improve internet security (If you are using an old Operating System). If you are one of those techies who is already aware about DNS servers then you might not know DNS servers apart from Google DNS and Open DNS, but today you can find other free DNS servers here on this post.

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Best 10 Free DNS Servers To Use Publicly

Google Public DNS Server:

Google Public DNS Server is one of the best DNS servers to use. This Domain Name System(DNS) is only a name resolver. If you want to get a good programmable, high-volume, and authoritative DNS by using google’s infrastructure you must try Cloud DNS from google. Easily increase the speed of your browsing experience, improve your security issue, and others by using google public DNS server online. Google public DNS also provides DNS-over-HTTPS API in addition to traditional DNS over UDP or TCP. If you are using google DNS, programs will perform all DNS lookup. as preferred DNS server as alternate DNS server

Visit here for more information about Google Public DNS.

Public DNS Google Developers

Green Team DNS:

Green Team DNS is another best dynamic DNS service which provides cloud-based web browsing filtering service. It also provides an advanced malware and phishing protection to users so you can easily protect your web-services from malware and hacking. One of the best feature and advantages of green team DNS is it provides advanced filtering services which are easy to use for all web devices in the home or office. Users don’t need to an installation of any hardware or software if they are using cloud services. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

green team internet

Norton ConnectSafe:

Norton ConnectSafe is most popular and amazing DNS servers to use for all users. In this dynamic DNS service, there are three levels of protection and no any complicated rules or settings are there for use this DNS. It blocks all unwanted contents and works quietly in the background and also notify you when it blocks any unwanted contents or unsafe site. This doesn’t take more disk space or memory so it doesn’t be slow down and performance and efficiency of your computer are not affected. The best feature of this DNS is to protect all your web-connected devices on your home network. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

Norton ConnectSafe


OpenDNS is an amazing and best DNS servers for gaming. It protects every device instantly in your home and you can see faster internet speed also. Open DNS is one of the largest and reliable dynamic DNS service which provides a better internet experience to all users. The best feature of this DNS service is it stops malicious activity before it threatens on your network so you will be secure and enjoy the internet. It is lightning-fast and easily scalable because it delivered via the cloud. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

Home Internet Security OpenDNS


SafeDNS is another best dynamic DNS service. You can save your all important data against cybercriminals by using safeDNS, it is an amazing malware protection DNS service. Easily filter all dangerous websites, as  alcohol & smoking, pornography, violence,and other categories which you choose and also block that. Safe DNS is a cloud service so you don’t have to need to buy any hardware or software to install easy to use and protect your important data from unwanted things and activities in internet. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

SafeDNS logo

Comodo Secure DNS:

Comodo Secure DNS is DNS servers to use and amazing domain name solution service. Easily get more faster and reliable internet experience by using Comodo secure DNS. You can easily resolve your DNS requests through its worldwide network of DNS servers. It protect your important data from any unwanted malwares, hacking, and others. Your computer’s network settings will be changed when you are using Comodo secure DNS so that all applications which are access the internet. Now your computer primary and secondary DNS settings will be changed for security reasons. Primary DNS Server secondary DNS Server

comodo secure DNS


Yandex.DNS the best free recursive DNS service provides high connection speeds for all users. Yandex checks all sites and filter all viruses and infected sites block them from your internet. Yandex also detects sites that have fraudulent characteristics users will see a warning when trying to visit them. The best feature of this is to block all adult contents, erotic or pornographic advertisements on all sites. The host of this advertising network is forbidden from receiving the correct IP address which is why the ads and banners cannot be loaded. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

yandex logo

Free DNS:

Free DNS is another most popular amazing and free DNS servers for gaming and others. You can easily use this DNS surf freely, no DNS redirections and no any logging required for using this DNS service. Free DNS is an open free and public server for all users. Sometimes you didn’t get or open the web address which you have entered or expected because some DNS providers redirect it to another page so you can easily get what you want by using Free DNS. For using this just entered IP address to your internet settings and enjoy the internet. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

free dns logo


In this list, Neustar is another amazing best DNS servers for all users. It is popular comprehensive managed DNS service which delivers 100% uptime, fast, and accurate query responses and extreme scalability and also provides built-in protection. The best feature of Neustar is this DNS service can help eliminate bad traffic before it damage your network and also prevents from accessing harmful or inappropriate content to users so that user can protect his important data from malware and hackers. Neustar cloud security services offers powerful protection from cyber defense to website performance and fraud detection.

neustar dns logo


OpenNIC is also best DNS servers which is a non-profit project. It is a democratic body where each user gets a vote when deciding new TLDs, policy changes, and the direction of the project. You can easily protect your internet data by using openNIC DNS server online. Easily choose the DNS server you connect to, location, and how much logging is done with OpenNIC, so you are not tracked through your DNS request and enjoy free internet surfing. Some time if you entered wrong URL and you are landing any other page owned by your ISP and all data can be collected by ISP OpenNic protect you from this. Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server

opennic logo


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