Pictures increases readers attention and therefore any blog post is incomplete without a relevant picture in it to make it interesting to read, but the bitter truth is, images increase the page loading time which may reduce your conversions and also disturbs your blog readers, and if the problem persists for long time then it may harm your search engine rankings as well as you may loose your precious readers, so it is highly recommended to use free image optimizer online tools to compress images and use them on your blog so that it can minimize the site loading time.

Why To Optimize Images Before Uploading On A Blog ?

People on internet are always in hurry, what ever they want, they need results and information quickly or else they don’t hesitate to move on to some other blog. If your blog has heavy images and slow loading time then it will surely increase the bounce rate of your blog which is not a good sign from the point of view of advertisers and search engines, so to grab your visitors, you need to take some serious efforts by improving your blog loading speed.
Lossless image compression

Best Free Image Optimizers : Photo JPEG PNG Compression Tools

1: Kraken

Kraken is a web tool designed to optimize and compress images. It supports both lossy and lossless compression but it is recommended to compress images losslessly as it will not degrade the quality of your image.I am using this tool since last month and now I am using it more often, as it manages to provide the highest compression ratio as compared to other free tools. Kraken comes as paid and free version both.You can compress almost any image by using the free web interface, but the free version can tolerate a maximum of 1Mb of image size while the paid version can handle the images which are upto 10Mb.

2: Puny PNG

Puny PNG is lossless image compression online tool. It can compress your image to the best possible extent without degrading the picture quality.The compression ratio of this tool is much better than any other tool. Now you must be thinking if this tool is the best then why the hell I have kept it on second postion ? The reason behind it is if you are using the free web interface of the tool then you are allowed to compress and optimize only 20 images, but if considering the paid version of PunyPNG, then it is unmatched and the best. If you are a professional web designer then it is recommended  to go with the paid version of this tool , the plans start from just $3.

3: Yahoo Smush it

As the name suggests, the tool is owned by Yahoo. It is also the lossless compression tool and the best part is the tool is absolutely free to use. It uses the optimization techniques to remove the unnecessary or redundant chunks from an image without compromising the picture quality, but the compression ratio of this tool is not very good always and sometimes it takes lot of time in uploading and downloading the picture.

4: Dyanamic Drive Tools

 This tool will help you in optimizing as well as in converting your image from one extension to another for free.It uses lossy compression techniques and has a user friendly web interface. It allows you to either paste the URL of any image located on web or to upload the image from your local machine. When you upload or paste the url of any image, it will automatically show results accordimg to the size and degraded amount. You may download the optimized image from the list according to your need.
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