For the sake of better future our work schedules are going hectic day by day and it distracts our internal peace. We spend most of our time in polishing our skills and working for others. There is hardly anyone who can say he is able to give a decent time to make his soul relaxed. Metro cities have a fast running life and in such cities it is not possible to get peace concurrently with money. It is rightly said that you can either have peace or moWebsites To Kill Time At Workney. There are websites to kill time at work and office and for our professional lives, we sometimes have to compromise with our hobbies and interests and this is completely natural and important but what we loose is the internal satisfaction and peace.
It is quite possible that your never ending ‘To-do’ list might deplete your energy, however weekends are like golden charms but they are not enough to provide peace, so guys today I have come up with the websites that you can use daily hardly for 2-3 minutes during your spare time to make you feel relaxed.

Top 10 Websites To Kill Time At Work


Calm is an awesome online platform to provide you the mental and internal peace in the matter of just few minutes directly from your web browser.Choose the guided calm from 2 minutes,5 minutes,10 minutes,15 minutes and 20 minutes according to your wish. You may plugin your headphone so that you can get completely indulged into it. You may also choose a suitable animated nature environment to look at with accompanying soothing sound effects. Calm app is also available for IOS devices and you can download the app from itunes.


As the name suggests, you have to do nothing for two minutes on this website. Even if you touch your mouse before 2 minutes then you will fail. It is best for testing your patience level. You have to just stay cool and calm and listen to the waves and I am damn sure this will not only kill you two minutes time but also make you feel relaxed.
do nothing for 2 minutes

 3) Line 3D

Line 3D is a great web interface and one of the popular websites to kill time and to make you feel relaxed. You will be driving a thick pipeline with you mouse and you can control the pipeline and make it go and roll as you want.After sometime you will feel as if you are about to enter into a virtual 3D atmosphere.
3D Pipes


Weavesilk has a cool interface on which you can draw interactive colorful patterns directly from you mouse. You have to just click your mouse and move the cursor to draw mirror effects coloerful patterns. This will definitely kill your time and make you feel calm and relaxed. Weavesilk is also available for ios users. You may download weavesilk app for your iphone/ipad from itunes.
weavesilk screenshot

5) Liquid Particles

Liquid particles is powered by HTML and it is filled up with the multicolored tiny liquid particles. When you move you cursor then these liquid particles will spread on the whole screen and follow your mouse pointer with the focal length in the center and they will repel the place where you click. When these particles create a swirling pattern they just look beautiful. This may not make you feel relaxed but it is a good option to kill your time.

Liquid Particles

6: Sneeze The Dragon

This is a website which you can use when you are too bored . This website allows you to sneeze the dragon in your free time to kill time. The more number of times you click the dragon the more fire it will sneeze out. You can also change its view and direction with the help of your mouse.

7: A Soft Murmer

This is a website to kill time at office which you can use to make you feel comfortable if your environment is too silent or you have some annoying disturbances around you. You can simply plugin your earphone and open this website and you can hear background sounds of thunder, wind, rain, sea waves, birds and so on. It is really a good site to kill time at work.

8: Mt. Everest Journey

If you are found of trekking and reaching the heights of mount Everest is a dream for you, then you can use this site to get a virtual experience of climbing mount Everest. It has 3D camera angles which gives you a real like experience and will give you an experience of climbing to the Summit of the Everest peak.

9: Faces Of Facebook

This is an amazing app which lets you to find anyone on facebook by looking at his face. The site shows over 1.2 billion faces of the facebook users in the form of pixels and you can randomly zoom on anyone and go to his facebook profile. I think this is really a good idea to kill time and boredom at office.

10: Draw A Stick Man

It is really a very interactive game and a site to kill time at work which lets you to draw a stick man and play with it. You will have to draw each and evry thing for the stick man to make it survive in a tough environment. It is a must try website and it can definitely help you to kill your time and boredom at office or at home.

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