Unblock torrents download : Torrenting is one of the best thing that can make the digital life easy. Torrents allow us to share almost any kind of  file with the world. Usually torrent clients like bit torrent and μ torrent are used to download the torrents. Most of the admins of universities, colleges and offices, block torrent clients because of bandwidth and piracy issues. Torrent clients take a lot of internet bandwidth and it affects the internet speed.

In this post I will show how to unlock torrents and download unlimited torrents via HTTP direct download link. It is the perfect solution for unblocking the usage of torrent downloads.
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Bypass torrent download in college/school/office

How To Bypass Blocked Torrents ?

How Torrenting Works ?

Torrent is the best example of peer-to-peer sharing. Torrenting is different from a regular download. In regular download, file(s) are coming from the single location(server), while in torrenting there does not have any single dedicated server but the file comes from various locations. Torrent Systems rely on seeders and leechers. Seeders are the Persons who are having the whole file or have already downloaded the file and are uploading it. Leechers are the persons who are having a portion of the file and are downloading what others have and uploading what they have.

More Seeders = Faster Download
Zero Seeder    = Downloading will never gets finished.
==>  Always search for a torrent which is highly seeded.

How To Download Torrents With IDM ? (Unblock Torrent Downloads Client)

Usually Admins block the accessibility of torrents due to various reasons. But there are some tools which can convert the torrent download to the normal HTTP download. The two topmost tools are:
  1. FURK :- Furk is my personal favourite website that allows to download torrents anonymously via your regular HTTP download client (eg: IDM).  Furk automaticaly downloads the torrent file to its server on your behalf and then it acts as a single server to provide the whole file to you by the regular HTTP download.
    It requires registration. Register yourself with your facebook account, otherwise, It’ll ask for the invitation code.
    After successful login : Click on “My files” >> “New” and then paste the link location of torrent file or upload any torrent file. Furk will automaticaly detect the file and then download that file by regular HTTP download. (Torrent link location must be copied from any torrent sites like :https://thepiratebay.se/‎ etc )

Each free account can download unlimited torrents but it restricts the limit of 1 GB /Day and 5GB/Week for the free accounts. However this restriction can also be bypassed. 😀

Bypass Furk Restrictions

  • Copy the required torrent link location from any torrent site.
    torrent download
  • Go back to Furk and paste the URL in the URL textbox. and then, Add download.
  • Click on the play button. A small file will get download. Open it with notepad.
  • Find the download link in between the <location> </location> tags.
  • Copy the link and paste it in the address bar of  your browser or IDM to automaticaly start the download. Now you have bypassed the download restrictions of furk . Enjoy.
    Furk Bypass
  • Zbigz : Zbigz is another tool to download torrent files with IDM. The best thing about it is that registration is not mandatory before using it. But free accounts are restricted to download at the max speedof 150kbps and can download total of only 1 GB data.

 If the torrent sites like thepiratebay , torrentz are also blocked, then it can be bypassed by using the best VPN websites like :


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  1. hey bypassing Furk with download link doesn’t work. It still says that
    Your free bandwidth limit is over. You or someone else from your IP subnet (a small part of your ISP network) have downloaded too much. It’s time to upgrade to premium!

    Please help.

  2. Hi, the bypass Furk restriction thing works only with torrents (above 2gb) that somebody has already uploaded before, right? is there any way to add new torrents while bypassing the restrictions?

  3. In all of my struggles with my torrenting issue the last few days, 1 thing has been extremely useful to me multiple times: Furk! After it all got resolved I actually went back through my history to find the person who told me about Furk to give them the credit they deserved. The Furk thing is an incredible recommendation Rajat you are the man!

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