Cover letters are something that can add plus point to your curriculum vitae. It is a brief description which can create a big difference and help you in standing out among all the other candidates. But in order to write a professional cover letter, you should be aware of cover letter writing tips.

Most of the candidates don’t prefer to take a cover letter seriously but the truth is it can increase your chances of being hired. There are several formats and technical tips involved while writing a cover letter for job. It would be good if you can plan your cover letter before penning it down. Given below are the top 10 tips for writing top notch cover letters to be sent along with your job application.

Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips

Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips

  1. Choose The Right Format

    Cover letters can be written in different formats based on who is seeking it. The employer will judge you based on the format and you should be careful about it. Make sure you format the cover letter specifically for that particular job and organize your content wisely. Most of the time candidates get rejected because their cover letter is not properly written. It is suggested to avoid such errors  and you should keep this cover letter tip in mind while writing it before attaching with your CV for a job application.

  2. Do Some Research

    Most of the people have a general format for writing cover letters and they use the salutations like “To whomsoever it may concern.” These types of salutations are nowadays not good enough when you are writing a job application. Instead you can take out some extra time to get to know about the company. You should know how they have achieved their current status and what they expect from their employees. Your skills and experiences should align with the company’s long term goals to maximum extent.

  3. Addressing The Cover Letter

    As we have mentioned earlier, you must do some research about the company. Even if you go wrong or mention somebody’s name that is not the in-charge for recruiting, they will know that you have made an effort. If you simply write a general salutation, it may appear like you are blindly replying to a job advertisement. The ultimate aim is to convince your employer that you are interested in the job and you will be contributing for the company with all your effort. And this is the first step towards that.

  4. Take Reference From Sample Cover Letters

    No matter how experienced you are, but taking reference is never a bad idea. You must always read the sample cover letters to analyze the organization of data in it. Most of the time candidate is good at writing, but they miss the alignment and go out of flow. A cover letter should be written in a systematic manner to give a clear cut view to your employer. It should be able to reflect all your skills and experiences in that brief note. Your employer should be convinced about short listing your resume by just reading your cover letter.

  5. Organize Your Data Properly

    There is a way in which you must organize that data of your cover letter. You must start with salutation, and then give a brief introduction. Then you can explain how your skills can push the company’s growth and you must not forget to conclude it accordingly. Do not place the data randomly. Your employer should be able to read it stepwise and it should frame a clear picture of what you think about that particular job or designation.

  6. Include Keywords

    You must be wondering if this should also include SEO, but that is not the point here. Keywords should be related to the job, company, or your designation. If you are aware of the keywords then you obviously have a deep knowledge about your responsibilities. In one way, it also reflects that you have a good vocabulary and you can communicate in a professional manner. These are soft skills which may not be reflected in your resume but plays an important role secretly. Using keywords, which are related to the subject instead of casual terms or simple explanation. Hence, you must do some keyword research alongside studying the job description to write the cover letter effectively.

  7. Write Exclusive Cover Letter

    Like we have mentioned before that many people have a set format for writing cover letters. If you continue to pass on the same information with little modifications, then you are probably going to miss some good opportunities for getting hired. It is always suggested to write new cover letter for every job you apply for. This can be a bit tedious but it is surely worth the effort. Not every organization is having same business goal and neither are they looking for what others are seeking. You must always research about company and its profile to write the cover letter for job application accordingly. This is how you prove that you are a good match for the organization.

  8. Use A Template For Better Results

    It is always wise to look for a good template that suits the format of your job application. If you think you are weak at writing cover letters, then it is okay to take reference from a template. A template will always help you in creating a professional cover letter for your job application.

  9. Send An e-Mail Cover Letter

    In this era of modern technology, it is important to follow the trend. Hence, it would be better if you send your cover letter properly attached in your e-mail along with your resume. So make sure you properly segregate the files and attach it with your e-mail apart from sending the hard copy through post.

  10. Do Not Forget To Explain Employment Gap

    Not every cover letter tip will include this fact, but it is one of the most important tips to remember. If you had an employment gap for few months or few years, then you must not forget to mention it in your cover letter with a valid reason for it. If not mentioned, it may create a doubt in the mind of employer when they get to know it through your resume. You must clear everything in advance by mentioning it in your cover letter.

Final Words

I hope you after keeping above mentioned cover letter tips in mind you would be able to write a wonderful cover letter to get hired for the job you have applied for. Please keep in mind the perfect skills suitable for the job are always the priority but a good cover letter will leave a first positive impression about you to the employer. That is why it is suggested to keep cover letter writing tips in mind and I hope after reading the tips mentioned above you now have a simple and clear logic about cover letters, you must stick to it from starting and till the end.


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