Social networking has become like an oxygen for human beings and this is the reason why facebook is the second most popular site of the world after Google. Any social networking site can be a great traffic and money resource and thats why many of the digital market leaders are trying thier luck to create social networks. Most of the people will think that it would need huge amount of money and resources to start a fully fledged social network. Now my question to you. Are you the same guy who always wonders if it is possible for me to create my own social networking site ? If you want to create your own social networking site either for your college, office or for your locality or if you want to setup your own community then you do not need to hire freelancers including expensive developers, designers, database administrators and security experts. Today I will be talking about a very popular and the best ready made script to create a fully fledged social networking sites.There are many ways available on the internet but PHPFOX is the best and can help you to create you own social networking site in minutes.

Create social networking site

What The Heck is PHPFOX ?

PHPFOX is a PHP script that you can use to create fully fledged and responsive social networking site without giving a damn to any programming language. The script does not come with any encryption and ‘powered by’ branding. You can modify anything including logo,design, layout and images by going to your AdminCP. The design of the PHPFOX looks as if it is inspired by the Facebook. You can take a demo of magical PHP script from the link below.

Features Of PHPFOX

  • Like and Comments.
  • Install new Apps, languages, themes and games.
  • Create your own app store
  • Run Advertisements and make money
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to use Content Management System.
  • Better Security
  • Create Pages And Groups
  • Status Updates With Privacy Control
  • Friends Activity Feeds
  • Online chat with Instant Messenger
  • Photo Tagging
  • AJAX Browsing
  • SEO Friendly
  • Server Load Balancing
  • No encryption in the source code.
  • Single Sign in.
  • Emoticons support
  • Create blogs, Forums, quizes, events and polls
  • Multiple photos upload at a time with privacy control
  • Mature content control
  • Friends suggestions and birthday notifications.
  • Upload and share music and videos.


    Web Hosting Requirements 

    • Web Server: Apache, Nginx, IIS, CGI, FastCGI or ISAPI
    • Operating System: Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac
    • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher
    • MySQL Version: 4.1+
    • Minimum Web Space: 15 mb

    How To Install PHPFOX ?

    1. Download the PHPFOX Package from the official site: There are two packages (Premium and Ultimate) available with only one time fee of $299 or $499 with lifetime validity.
    2.  Upload the script to your server’s root directory via FTP.
    3. Navigate your browser to It will lead you to the the installation page.
    4. After proceeding to the next step, enter your Database details such as Database Drive, Host, Name, Password and click “Proceed to next step“.
    5. Installation process will get start, wait for few minutes untill it gets installed.
    6. After installation process gets completed, enter Administrator Account Details & click “Submit“.
    7. Now, you just need to enter Administrator Account Details & click “Submit“.
    8. Now you will be able to login into your Administration account.

    Thats it. You have just created a social networking site. now its time to customize and expose it in front of your audience. If you are too lazy to even install the script then PHPFOX also offers an installation service for $49. However you can save this expense by just following the above easy procedure.

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