Have you just landed here while looking for free e-book torrents ? Finding book torrents can be a real pain as most of the top torrent sites are getting blocked in various countries due to piracy issues by governments.

In this post, we have listed top 15+ free ebook torrents sites for you. Most of the ebook torrents keeps on moving to a new web address, while other popular torrent sites get blocked permanently. So I have come up with latest ebook torrenting websites list 2016 in which all ebook torrents are active and I will keep on updating this list frequently to give you a good experience of ebook torrenting. You can visit these book torrent sites and  download any ebook for free according to your choice.

Torrents enable us to download almost anything for free and therefore it is a lifeline for teenagers or college students. So if you are also a torrent guy like me then you may want this post to bookmark in your browser as I am going to list down top ebook torrents which let you to easily download ebooks or read free ebook online. These book torrents will let you to get access to unlimited premium Ebooks for absolutely free.

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Ebook Torrenting Sites mid

Top 17 E-Book Torrents 2017

  1. eBook Share

    ebook-share.net is a special website which will let you to download free ebooks from selected categories. You can easily get access to your favorite book from using this website by selecting a category. In this free e-book torrent you can easily search your favorite categories and explore unlimited ebooks to download.


  2. Free Book Spot

    FreeBookSpot.es is a most popular free ebook torrents download site.There are over 50 categories available in this website, so you can easily download e-book according to your interest. You can find scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other books from this ebook torrent.

    FreeBookSpot Download e books for free

  3. Free Ebooks

    There are over 50 categories available on Free-Ebook.net website in a good format. You can find all new and old authors, Independent writers also. You can find your ebook according to Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Children Audiobooks and many more categories from this website.

    Free eBooks.net Download free ebooks

  4. Online Programming Books

    Onlineprogramingbook.com can get you access for almost all popular programming books for free. You can find all ebooks related to programming, web design, app development, Networking, Databases and other programming languages. Here you can easily find all book related to their category and enjoy book torrenting.

    Free Computer eBooks

  5. iTorrent

    Itorrent.online/book/ is also a cool free ebook torrenting site. It lets you to easily download your favorite book online. Here you can easily get all type of books according to your interest. Most of the books are for educational purposes which are available in this repository.

    Download Book Magazine itorrent

  6. Wikibooks

    Wikibooks.org is one of the most popular free ebook torrenting sites. You can easily find any of your interested book from this website. You can download ebooks in different languages and different qualities. This is really a nice place place where you can find any of the required ebook according to your interest.


  7. The Pirate Bay

    Thepiratebay.org is one of the most popular torrent where you can also get unlimited ebooks to download. This book torrent will get you access to all of your favorite ebooks also download it. This site is totally free for all users and therefore you can easily download ebook.

    The Pirate Bay free Ebook Torrenting sites

  8. Bit Snoop

    Bitsnoop.com/browse/other-ebooks is also popular for free ebook torrenting sites. There are over 2 million ebooks available in this website. You can easily download your ebook in zip format and easily extract it after download. You can easily get your favorite ebook from this site because of a huge collection of ebooks online.

    Ebooks Torrents Bitsnoop

  9. Many Books

    Manybooks.net is another ebook torrents download website. Here you can download ebooks and apply filters based on genres, titles, authors, languages, and others. It  has a collection of more than 33,000 free eBooks so you can easily download your favorite book from this site.

    Free eBooks For eReader ManyBooks

  10. Free Ebooks Canada

    Free-ebooks-canada.com is a free ebook torrents site. In this website you can easily search the book according to your interest and according to categories.In this free ebook torentz site you can easily find free ebooks, reports, videos, graphics, software, and themes. Therefore this website is a multi-purpose site where you can get all of your stuff for free.

    Free Ebooks Canada

  11. Planet eBook

    Planetebook.com is a popular and older free ebook torrents site. In this website, there are more than 50k books available and many visitors visit this site and download book according to his/her interest.

    Free eBooks at Planet eBook

  12. eBook3000

    ebook3000.com is also a free ebook torrenting site for users. You can easily find any ebook of your interest and can easily download it. This is the best place where you can read and download any book online.

    Free eBooks torrenting sites ebook3000.com

  13. E-Library

    E-library.net is one of the good place where you can search ebooks. It has more than 8,000 ebooks and more than 90 categories available. You can read reviews of any ebook as well of previous book readers, in which you are interested.

    eLibrary Open eBooks Directory

  14. Get Free eBooks

    You can totally get free books from Getfreeebooks.com ebook torrents website. In this website, books are available in various popular formats. You don’t have any registration for download the ebook from this website.You can also write a book on this website as a guest writer.

    Download Free Ebooks

  15. Bookyards

    Bookyards.com is one of the biggest online ebook torrent. In this website, you can find any of your favorite books and download it free. You can also upload your self-written books. You can easily check the review of any book and give feedbacks also.

    Bookyards.com Download Free eBooks

  16. Dailylit

    Dailylit.com is a good website for free online e-book learning. In this website, you can easily search any legal e-book and also download it easily. You can browse any book, and can also upload your own books on this website. For more updates from Dailylit you can subscribe it as well.

    Welcome to DailyLit

  17. E-Books Directory

    One of the best free ebook torrenting website for all users is http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/. You can download all new and old books from this ebook torrent. You can search top 20, popular, and new ebooks of the week. You cab also see the review of any particular book of your interest.

    E Books Directory Free Downloads


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