Each Facebook account has two passwordsFacebook is the most addictive social networking website in the world. Today , almost every internet user is having a facebook account . Therefore, privacy of each user is a very serious concern for facebook team buddies,that is why facebook has now became the most secure plateform of social networking, but there are some facebook tricks which must be known to all the tech geeks.
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Very few people might be knowning that each facebook account/profile has exactly two passwords.The account can be logged in with any one of the two passwords. So without creating any more suspense and curiosity, I am going to tell the fact about two passwords.
The first password is the password which the account owner sets, and the second one is its just reverse case.

Each Facebook Account Has Two Passwords !!

For Example :

  • Let us assume , my password on facebook is : “Trickseek” then ,the other password which can be used to open the same account will be the reverse case of each alphabet : “tRICKSEEK”
  • If password is “TRICKSEEK” then the other password will be “trickseek”

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed the trick. Now try it with your own account and share this post with your friends.

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