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In this digital era we all live a hustle free life with the help of the internet, everything is now at our fingertips so why not books? E-books are slowly replacing traditional books and people are prefering to download free eBooks online from ebook download sites. Ebooks are a great way to save trees and paper and they can be accessed from anywhere. Reading an inspirational book can make you feel as if you have just founded a way to unlock a new dimension.

Every innovation needs a new idea. Reading books give a new opinion and it’s like interacting with another brain. So anyone who has a taste to read a good book they can’t let them away from them because books are the best friends of their readers. If you are one of those then you have landed on the right place. You also check out free ebook torrenting sites. You can get free ebooks online or you can also download premium ebooks for free.

The best thing in downloading ebooks online is you don’t don’t have to go a book shop to preview a new book or any old classic books, all we need to use this digital life and download free online books or read free online books pdf in any way you feel more comfortable, all you need is the internet and the computer.

Top 25 Ebook Download Sites To Read Books For Free

  1. Read Any Book

    Read Any Book gives you the greatest experience of reading books online and lets you to download free PDF ebooks or also in RTF or TXT formats. So take a cup of coffee and enjoy reading books online on this ebook download site.
    ReadAnyBook.com online reading for free.

  2. Magic Keys.com

    Magic keys is the one of the best ebook download sites for kids and also lets yo to read free ebooks online for kids. It has a great collection of children storybooks so all the mothers who want their kids to spend their time on the internet in a good way can give their kids a task to read a 1 page of free ebooks online for kids from MagicKeys.

    Children s Storybooks Online

  3. Read Central

    Read Central has a collection of over 5000 Free Online Books & several thousands Quotes & Poems. If you have a mood to spend your weekends well or you already have some holiday and you need to make it better than Read Central as it helps you to enjoy your time more, because they give free books online, or if you want to read books in pdf then you don’t have to worry as this website also gives you to read free books online pdf so just enjoy your holidays keep reading books.

    Read Books Online

  4. Gutenberg

    Gutenberg is a complete e-store free books online, and free books online download, they have a huge collection to read online or free eBooks online, Project Gutenberg has almost 53,649 free eBooks online to download so your search for free eBooks online will not go waste if you landed on this website.

    Free ebooks by Project Gutenberg

  5. Free-eBooks

    Free ebooks is unique in its services, in this website you can download free magazines and give your own eBook for other people to read free books online. For the access to their library, you need to make a free account for accessing their library

    Free eBooks.net Romance and many more ebooks

  6. Archive.org

    Archive.org is an open source internet archive and also has a huge library of free books to read online, or for free books online download. they have a huge collection of the world’s best book libraries.

    Internet Archive Digital

  7. Many Books

    Many books give you access to various varieties of different free eBooks online, Many eBook has over 21,282 free eBooks online to read. You can also search with it through unique titles or reviews of the Many Books visitors or recommendations.

    Free eBooks For Your Kindle or Other eReader ManyBooks

  8. GetFreeEBooks

    Get Free Ebooks is also a good website to download free ebooks online, and for free books online PDF. You can read free Ebooks online in PDF.

    Get Free Ebooks Download Free Ebooks Legally

  9. Open Library

    Open library is an open source of free books online for reading, they give you a brief detail about every book published and you can find all the documented editions of some books, it’s really like an open library they have a huge collection of all the biggest libraries in the world open library have 20 million free books online read from the 6 million authors around the globe and 2 million titles.

    Welcome to Open Library

  10. Free Computer Books

    Free Computer Books is a very useful website for students or engineering graduates. It has a huge collection of a free educational ebooks to download. You can find ebooks for educations including mathematics books, programming, and technical books, tutorials and lecture notes any student from different fields can take guide easily from this site. They have 12 top-level categories over the 150- sub-categories it is the best site for learning.

    Free Computer Programming Mathematics

  11. Google Books

    Google! The king of the digital age has also given the free books online to read for their users. You can search any e-book using their search box. You can find all premium and free ebooks which you can download for free or premium books by purchasing them using your Google wallet.

    Google Books

  12. Smashwords

    Smashwords is a good site to download ebooks. It lets you to preview a new book and you also can enjoy free books download online.

    Smashwords Ebooks

  13. Scribd

    Scribd gives you an ocean of e-books, documents, projects, magazines, etc. It is one of the popular sites to download ebooks and has a nice and clean interface. It also lets you to download files if you are a premium user. Scribd supports Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and other all famous reading formats. The great thing is it gives a 1 month free subscription service to their readers.

    Scribd Read books audiobooks

  14. Blurb

    Blurb is also in our top books list,.You can read any books which you like and also preview it on this website. They give a printed format which gives you a unique professional look to the ebook.

    Create and self publish books magazines ebooks Blurb

  15. Wattpad

    Wattpad has a great collection of ebooks and is a largest community of readers and writers from around the world. It supports over 20 languages once. It asks  you to select your language, then the book lists appear in your mother tongue. They have 10,000 new active readers in every minute and in one-month Wattpad users spend 2 billion minutes.

    Wattpad Stories You ll Love

  16. Online Programming Books

    Online Programming Books is a great source to download programming books online. If you want to become a programmer or want to polish your skills then you can check out this website as it gives you a complete list for free programming books online. Students can get the benefits from using this site because they give you access to read free books online in the subjects like Computer, Business, Marketing, Physics and Information Technology.

    Free Computer Books IT Programming and Computer Science

  17. Bookish

    Bookish is famous for their nice user interface for reading, they don’t have a huge variety of free books online or free books online download but with limited access to books you can enjoy reading it by its unique interface.


  18. Book Boon

    Book Boon gives you a nice variety of free online books to read and textbooks from accounting to natural science to career study advice. This is also one of the good sources of reading educational books online or downloading educational ebooks online.

    Download free eBooks at bookboon.com

  19. Read Print

    Read Print gives a very big variety of all kind of free books online to read or you can also find a free online download from this site.

    Online Books Poems Short Stories Read Print Library

  20. The Literature Network

    Online-Literature offers online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast. You can find alphabetically arranged author names. It lets you to easily see author’s biography and their related links like quizzes and forums etc.

    The Literature Network Online classic literature poems

  21. Librivox

    Librivox is a heaven for audiobooks lovers, they have a huge variety of audiobook. It has many volunteers to take part in recordings for the books.

    LibriVox free public domain audiobooks

  22. Authorama

    Authorama has a huge variety of classic to current books. They give books variety sorted alphabetically. It is a nice website to download free ebooks.

    Authorama Public Domain Books

  23. International Digital Children’s library

    This website has a huge collection of ebooks for children. You can find story books for kids in this online library. It gives a good search interface and you can suggest your kid to read stories from this library. It has a sorted list by the length of the book or by their reading interest.

    ICDL International Children s Digital Library

  24. eBooks and Text Archives

    The best thing about this site is they have books in every class from History to fiction, children’s, academics, texts and current popular books. You can download free ebooks online using this site.

    Free Books Download Streaming eBooks

  25. World Public library

    World Public Library is a nice source of downloading ebooks. It is not free, but once you get registered, you can get access to an ocean of books. They have books in over 100 languages.

    World Public Library


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