If you are one of the geeks then you must have ever used Freedom app in your android device. It can help you in saving lots of bucks while making in-app purchases from Google Play store. You can find apk for freedom app on Google but in this post I am going to share Freedom app for PC , so that you can download it on your windows computer.

What Is Freedom App ?

Freedom app or Freedom APK is a package or launcher developed by Russian development team, we need this Freedom apk or app to get in-app purchases items for different games, apps freely without paying single hard earned penny from google play store. Mostly Gamers are going to benefit from this app. However, its not surety that it will save your money on all kinds of purchases but  works like a charm on most of the purchases so its always good to give a try.

Freedom app

How To Install Freedom App for PC ?

If you are looking to install freedom app on your windows PC, then I have listed down the steps below.

  1. Download any android player on your windows machine. You can go for Bluestacks or Youwave android players.
  2. Now Download may take few minutes to few hours according to your connection speed. After downloading install youwave player/bluestacks.
  3. Now download Freedom apk from third party sources as it is not available in Google play store. You can download freedom apk from here.
  4. You will be able to run/install the freedom.apk file on your windows pc, once you have  an android player installed.

You will enjoy a full android environment on PC through Blue Stacks App Player/youwave as it allows Windows or PC users to run their favorite android apps/games accessing Google play in wide screens in chosen browsers.

Download Freedom APK In Your PC:

There is an alternative way to download all .apk files from google play store to Windows PC. Yes. You heard me right. You can download apk files in PC using APK Downloader though the apps are not compatible with your device.

Suggested: Download APK Files Directly From Playstore

Now you can download Freedom app which is even an .apk file on to your windows pc using APK Downloader software.

Install APK Downloader in your PC,

  • APK Downloader is available as a Chrome extension on your pc, you can view it from developer sites.
  • We must download or request for Device ID of our Android Phone to put into this APK Downloader app to perform download.
  • We can get our device id by dialling *#*#8255#*#* and call, you will be resulted with an interface Gtalk Service Monitor where you need to find JID= your email id, Device id= android-id.
  • Now Open Chrome browser, go to Tools >> Extensions>>APK Downloader>>description>> link to Options page>>hit the options>>put your Email address and the password and Device ID>>click Login button
  • You can now browse app on Google Play (freedom APK) and start using APK Downloader, and click the APK Downloader icon in the Right Address bar to download the .apk file to your computer
  • download the Freedom APK on your PC

If you find difficulty in using APK Downloader to download Freedom APK, there is an an alternative known as Real APK Leecher. You can Download Real APK Leecher from here

Extract the setup file and install on the pc, fill the details includes email id, password, device id and save.

You will be directed to main screen where you can look for the desired app, see the app among the opts your search result, click on the app, you’ll find the Download this app option, just click on it to start downloading.

How To Install Freedom APK For PC using Blue Stacks App Player ?

  • Download Blue stacks app player, Market Unlocker and Freedom APK.
  • Change the time zone settings to Moscow (4:00) using Settings of Blue Stacks app player.
  • Go to Market unlocker and enable it, and set region to Russia MTS,
  • Open Freedom APK and select any app/game of your interest accessing Google Play to get in-app purchase items for free.
  • Go for menu tab, go to store, find the items and click on buy option, you can successfully add those coins, level or powers to your inventory for free using Freedom app.

Limitations Of Freedom APK

  • You may start facing difficulties in using Google Play store. To fix this issue, you will have to download Luck Patcher APK or Root Explorer APK  wddon
  • You should have a rooted android device for installing Freedom APK.

Freedom App Download Without Root

Freedom app can only be installed on rooted android devices, therefore if you don’t have a rooted android smartphone, then you will not be able to download the freedom app, but wait !! Let me tell you , every problem has some solution so for this problem there is a solution too. There are few alternatives which includes ‘Freedom no root‘ app or Creehack APK . The good side of these apps is they do not require a rooted android device. You can still install them without rooting your android device.

Freedom APK Alternative Apps For PC

Lucky Patcher APK is similar to Freedom APK which is used to break market licences, disable free app advertisements.

Creehack APK is similar to Freedom APK where rooting of device is not essential, its is also called as Freedom APK no rooting.


I hope you this tutorial to download freedom app for PC helped you. You can use this app to save your hard earned money on scam apps by bypassing in-app purchase items for apps within your device.  If you are still facing any issues in downloading freedom for computer then drop your comments below and I will get back to you, or you can also give your suggestions at anytime by using our contact us page.



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