Are you bored of looking at the boring blue color of facebook and old classic logos of youtube and google? Need a funky makeover ? If yes, then this post is of your interest. Yes, it is possible to change themes of the top three internet giants google, facebook and Youtube. All this can be done by using Stylish, a small but powerful addon currently available for firefox and google chrome browser. You can make webpages on your system more beautiful than mine by installing the Stylish add on. Stylish add-on is a free tool that aims to create a funky look to your most favorite websites.

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Funky And Colorful Themes For Facebook/Google/You tube

Prerequisites :

  • Firefox/Google chrome

If you are using Firefox , then you have to download the “Stylish” add-on from here.
if you are using Chrome then download the “Stylish” extension from here .
After the successfull install, your browser has to be restarted. After that, you are ready to choose and download your favourite user style from :
The theme will be automatically applied to the particular website. The themes can also be disabled and removed afterwards. So its time to try it by yourself. and you can do a daily makeover of the websites you love, to make your friends get surprised.