There is no doubt, The Sims is one of the most popular video games series of all times. The Sims was first released in year 2000. The game used to be very addictive but many people these days are looking for its alternatives just for a change. I am going to list down top 20 games like Sims.

Games like the Sims offers you a second life in the virtual world and you can generate real-life income as well. I can understand you are already a fan of the sims but trust me there are its alternative games as well which are as addictive as The Sims.

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Top 20 Games Like Sims

  1. Virtual Families 2

    Virtual Families 2 is a game to play in real time with hidden puzzles. In this game players adopt pre assigned characteristics. You have to put them in house and encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for their daily needs. It also has option to customise, expand and renovate your house to build a dream house. This game will make you get endulged in virtual life just like The Sims.

    Virtual Families 2

  2. Kudos 2

    Kudos 2 is a video game developed by Positech Games which is similar to The Sims. It is a turn based game that provides you control over a single character. You have to manage their life from age 20 to 30. You have to provide your character with its daily needs, and other requirements. Players can also make series of their character and also get how they play out in ten years of game life.

    Kudos 2

  3. Second Life

    Second Life is a free and easy to play game like sims which provides virtual world on your device. It is developed by Linden Lab for PC and Mac users in 2003. It has option to make real money while playing game. You have to create an account and login for better playing options. It also has option to choose your favorite characters before start playing the game.

    Second Life

  4. OurWorld

    OurWorld is a virtual world online game like sims developed by FlowPlay. You have to create an account on this before play the game. As soon as you sign-in into your account, it lets you to customise your avatar and play the game. In this game you have to perform different activities which will be provided to you. You have to finish given tasks to collect coins, rewards and enter into next level.


  5. SocioTown

    SocioTown is a 3D virtual game which has a wide range of different activities such as fishing, bug catching, different missions and others. You have to finish job which will be provided to you. After the job completion, you will earn rewards, experience points and a level up. Each level has different tasks and challenges to finish in a given time period. It is multiplayer game so you can play this game along with your friends and family.


  6. Virtual Villagers

    Virtual Villagers is another games like sims which is  a real time game to play online. It provides you options to care for nature and also for tribes and poor people. You need to teach them basic requirements of survival. You are required to grow a small village and villagers virtually and also provide basic needs to them. You can also teach them how to earn money and get basic needs without others help. This game will make you enter into the virtual world which will give you ‘the sims’ like experience.

    Virtual Villagers

  7. Life Quest 2

    Life Quest 2 is a latest game which allows you to move to Metropoville and begin a 12 step Life Quest program for your better life. In this game you can choose your career, upgrade your vehicle, get pets, fish and others. You have to play the game and complete the task which will be provided to you to earn more points for your better life. One of the best feature of this game is it lets you to challenge your friends with your Life Quest high score.

  8. Chit Chat City

    Chit Chat City is another virtual world game with customization options. It allows you to make your own city virtually. You will be able to design your house, buildings, neighbors with your own avatar. It has different features as create your community, build your home, draw and create avatar and others. It is easy to play game. It has option to play game as guest as well as by logging in with your account.

    Chit Chat City

  9. IMVU

    IMVU allows you to use 3D avatars to meet new people to chat and play game with them. It will give you an experience of virtual world like Sims and is also a metaverse app. You have to play the game and finish the task to win the its own economy with a currency system. IMVU lets you to customise your avatar by changing hairstyles, clothes, skins, and accessories.


  10. Animal Crossing: City Folk

    Animal Crossing: City Folk is another sims like game which lets you to create your own village and city on your computer. It allows you to choose a character and customize it for different activities. You will be asked to finish different activities as gardening, bug catching, fishing and even fossil hunting. It is available in multiple languages so that you can use it in different languages.

    Animal Crossing City Folk

  11. Cities: Skylines

    Cities: Skylines is a modern city making game where you can create a virtual city using your PC. It is a paid service and you need to pay the subscription fee to start playing the game on your device. It includes the ability to mod the game and therefore you can choose different styles which suits you. It is a single player game and currently available for multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

    Cities Skylines

  12. Avakin Life

    Avakin Life is free to play and also offers a huge online virtual community. It is a 3D game where you can customise your avatar in 3D view with latest fashion and trends. Along with your avatar it also allows you to customize your own apartments and city to make a new virtual city. Unlike others it also allows you to to make friends, chat and listen to your favourite music.

    Avakin Life

  13. Tomodachi Life

    Tomodachi Life is a whimsical life simulation game developed by Nintendo. It allows you to create your own character, building and city. You are required to keep your character happy to get special rewards. Before playing this game you need to assign a unique name to your island. It allows you to easily import the game from your 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL and other devices, or QR codes.

    Tomodachi Life

  14. A Kingdom for Keflings

    A Kingdom for Keflings is a new but also a popular game for virtual world like sims. In this game players act as a giant in the land of Keflings. You have to help the Keflings build and beautify their village, tackle in less time period. It has both single and multiplayer options which makes it possible for to play either alone or along with your friends for more fun. A Kingdom for Keflings

  15. SmallWorlds

    SmallWorlds is a free online virtual world game where you can easily make your own city for free. It also includes social networking and social gaming which allows you to chat, hangout and play game with people around the world. You can also make new and random friends from this game. It has option to customise your avatar by dressing it up in your unique style. Along with these it also allows you to paint, sculpt, decorate, plant, & craft great items while playing the game on your device.


  16. Lady Popular

    Lady Popular is an online fashion and dress up game. It is a browser based game developed by the Bulgarian software company XS Software. You must create an account before playing. It has over 8 million registered users and has been translated into 21 languages. It is an easy to play game.

    Lady Popular

  17. Spore

    Spore is a life simulation real-time single player game developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. It is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS. You can easily get this game on your device and play on your device. You are asked to control the development of species from beginning. It has different stages and you as a player will be able to use various creators to produce content for their games. You can also create customised creatures, vehicles and buildings while playing.


  18. Viva Piñata

    Viva Piñata is a life simulation video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360. It is an easy to play game and anyone can play this game easily on their device. You as a player will be given task to grow and maintain piñatas. You need to fulfil requirements so that garden will attract a black-and-white outline of a given piñata species. The game allows you to fulfil the additional requirements so that the piñata will become a resident.

  19. My Sunny Resort

    My Sunny Resort is another games like sims which allows you to easily create your own dream resort. You can create your own resort by completing it with sun, sand and palm trees and other requirements. You have to turn the sandy beach into the ultimate vacation resort by providing and completing different tasks and services that a customer wants. It is a best management game where you have to manage the customer’s requirements.

    My Sunny Resort

  20. Desperate Housewives: The Game

    Desperate Housewives is another popular game like sims with high quality entertainments. It is an amazing game developed by Liquid Entertainment and released by Buena Vista Games. It is based on the television series Desperate Housewives. You can play this game without any knowledge of the Desperate Housewives TV show. It is single player game which developed in 12 different episodes to play them on your device.

    Desperate Housewives


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