Free High PR Backlinks For New Blog : Do you juggle around the internet to find out how to build quality backlinks ? If you are a webmaster then you must be knowing the importance of high quality backlinks to your site. To remind you again yes they are a very valuable part of off-page optimization. They are responsible (not completely) to rank your keyword in SERP. There are also other factors  which google loves about a site (other than on-page optimization) like domain authority,domain age, page rank but unfortunately as they are not completely in our control, so the most crucial part left to get traffic from search engines is on-page optimization (most important) and building high quality backlinks so that you can try your luck to outrank your competitors. But wait have you already heard about this line: ‘Don’t build backlinks,earn them’ ? If yes then it is absolutely correct as if you are building a quantity of spam links then surely one or the other day google animals will penalize you and make you out from the game, But if you are able to get do-follow backlinks from high PR and high authoritive sites then Google will start loving your blog slowly.

High PR Backlinks

I have recently noticed that the traffic on my blog from google is increasing slowly day by day after I got few high PR backlinks and this increasing traffic from search engines could be one of the reason for the recent adsense approval on my new blog in spite of being an indian publisher. Anyways lets get back to the point and let me tell you how I got the high PR backlinks for free without wasting your precious time.

 Which High PR Backlinks I Got and How ?

1) (PR 9)

Youtube is the most popular video sharing and streaming site in the world and also the largest search engine of videos. If you create your own youtube video tutorial and provide a link of your blog in the video description then it can get your blog a huge exposure but the link will be no-follow hence adding no value to the search engine rankings. So how I got a do-follow backlink from youtube ? It is actually pretty simple for the verified youtube accounts (like mine). To get an instant do follow backlink from youtube you can

  • Log in to your youtube account.
  • Go to’ video manager’
  • From the left sidebar click on ‘Channel settings’ >>’Advanced’
  • Now inside ‘Associated website’ fill out our blog URL and hit save.

Now you are done. Alexa will soon index your backlink in its next update. Enjoy.

How to get a verified youtube account ?

If you are not having a verified youtube account then you will not be able to get do-follow backlink from youtube, but no worries, you can get a verified youtube account in minutes by following the below steps:

  • The blog or website which you want to associate with youtube must also be verified in Google webmasters already with the same Google account. So sign in to your youtube account with the same google account which is already associated with the Google webmaster tools
  • Now go to . It will ask you about your country and your phone number. Just enter the details and in the next stage enter the verification code which you will recieve as a text message/call from youtube.
  • Congrats you have now verified your youtube account now follow the steps above to get the Do-follow backlink from youtube.

2) Google Plus (PR 9)

 Google plus is one of the most popular social networking site. The backlinks and your social profile on google plus is a serious concern for google SERP. It usually provide no-follow backlinks to any link but with the same process how I got the do-follow backlink from Google plus you can also get the same by following the steps below :
  • Login to google+
  • Go to Profile>About
  • Scroll down untill you get ‘Links’ section.
  • Put your website’s name and URL here and hit save button.

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3) Pinterest (PR 9)

With over 70 million active users, pinterest is a high authority social networking site with a page rank of 9 that can give a huge amount of exposure to your brand. To get a backlink from Pinterest I shared a URL of one of my blog post inside the description area of one of the pin and after few days I noticed that the link was successfully indexed by alexa. You can also get the backlink from  pinterest by following the same killer trick.

4) Google Drive (PR 8)

Google drive provides free cloud storage and can also be used for file sharing. It  is a high authority website with page rank 8. I got a do-follow backlink from google drive with a crazy trick. The credit of this trick actually goes to Kulwant Nagi sir. You can also follow the below steps to get the do-follow link from google drive:
  • Create a basic HTML page with an anchor text of your blog. If you don’t want to mess with HTML then just copy the code from below which I had created for myself but you just need change the Trickseek with your blog’s URL and paste in a notepad and save it with a .html/.htm extension.
  • Go to Google Drive.
  • Hit the red ‘Create’ button on the left pane and create a new folder.
  • Select the new folder and right click on it to change its sharing settings from private to ‘Public on the web’.
  • Now open the folder and and upload the HTML file created in the first step.
  • Congrats you have now got a do-follow backlink from google drive.
  • To verify the link ,click on ‘Details’ in the right pane of Google drive and scroll down untill you get  ‘Hosting’ section, inside that you will notice a hosted link of your uploaded HTML file like this. So now its great as your HTML file with a do-follow link to your blog is now hosted on PR-8 google drive. Enjoy.

5) Storify (PR 8)

Have you ever heard about storify ? If not then to tell you storify is a social tool that allows its users to create, link and share cool stories from any where from the whole web-o-sphere including social media sites. The best part about this awesome 8 PR tool is that it provides do-follow backlinks. Recently I got a do-follow backlink from storify so I am sharing the exact steps so that you can also get this awesome backlink for your website by following them:
    • Create a good quality and search engine optimized post greater than 500 words.
    • Go to
    • Create a new account or login with your existing facebook/twitter account.
    • Now click on ‘New story’ from the top right side of the web page.
    • Click on embed URL and enter the URL which you want to link. This can be the URL of the homepage of your blog.
Publish story on storify


  • Now its time to publish your awesome story.


The point here to note is that you can not create your custom anchor texts on this website, the anchor text will be the original title of your blog post. I would like to also mention that the special credit for this crazy trick goes to the very famous internet marketer/PHP developer Enstine Muki sir as after reading his post I was able to get the do-follow backlink from storify and see today I am sharing my positive experience about it here.

6) Reddit (PR 8)

 Reddit is the most popular social bookmarking site with more than 5.2 billion pageviews per month. People can share content and contribute to the community. Backlinks from reddit are no-follow but they will surely provide some authority to your site. To get a backlink from reddit you just share your valuable blog post links with reddit, after few days alexa will start showing a backlink from reddit to your blog. But be careful. Don’t try to game reddit by spamming otherwise you will definitely be thrown out of the community permanently by moderators.

7) Imgur (PR 6)

Imgur is the world’s most popular image sharing site with more than 3 million unique page views daily. Awesome images (Mostly funny) can go viral in seconds. What I found is getting backlinks from imgur is as simple as a piece of cake and even the backlinks are also counted as alexa backlinks. What you have to only do is just create an account on imgur and upload any image and in its description, provide a link to your blog and its done.
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  1. Sorry, I’ve verified my account and I’ve connected my website to the youtube account through GWT. Still don’t see anything resembling a link in “About” section. Could you show a screenshot of how this link looks?


  2. 1. Every webpage will have a Page rank.. Having a backlink from high PR website will not help you.. Backlink page must have “Page Authority” to get link juice. Facebook PR is 9 my profile pr is 2. 🙁 Get the difference 😛 😛

  3. I did already knew for you tube and most of the rest but for shure not for google drive doffolw link! I was just wondering is this from google perspctive legal? Can they penalyz you for this trick, I would post a link inside to my webpage but do not want to get ruined by google penalty. Anybody knows about this? Thanks

  4. SOCKS proxy is very important proxy it is just like HTTP proxy and the SOCKS stand for Secured over Credential Based Kerberos Services and it can be mostly used in the world. The main difference between the two proxy server that they can redirect the all the visitor throughout the proxy server. While the http proxy only redirect the http not the visitor.

  5. Hello Rajat,
    I stumbled onto your article about getting high PR inbound links. I set up the Youtube link and the Google drive link. I did this two nights ago and noticed that my traffic yesterday was the most I have ever had. Could this have taken effect that fast?

    I’ll keep you posted but this appears to be making a huge difference.

    Thank you!!
    Steve Haslet

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  7. Easy tips and Steps I must say! Outranking the competition means that backlinks should be better in quantity and in quality. The latter factor is of more significant. Getting high PR backlinks by following the tips shared here welcoming!
    comment shared in where this post was found!

  8. Hey Rajat,

    I was just following along to make sure I have everything set. unfortunately I didn’t. LOL… but I’m glad I ran into your blog. I was following along until I ran out of time. So far I set up Storify, Google Drive, and made sure my link on Google+ was there also.. now I need to set up reddit, Imgur, and pinterest! Thanks for sharing this great info. and I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. thats very nice, altough… “everyone is probably using it” sites would never give an advantage ;( – and lets face it, we are talking about most site.

    scouting for localized (to field) links was time consuming for me…
    i am now trying which does seem to save a lot of time on the whole searching front.
    and find targeted (category or state) links at the click of a button.

    Its not my site (so i am not bias 😉 ) – in any case, i think you should make a game plan, say 20 minutes a day?… maybe every other day to create additional entry point / exposure for your site.

    thanks for the read 😉

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