Search engines were made to extract any required information from the ocean of internet and the all mighty Google has somehow made it possible to extract the most relevant and best information out of the limitless web with its super genius algorithms. It is not possible to remember the domain names of all of our favorite websites and therefore what we generally do is, we just google the keywords or name of the website and it comes at the top of the search results. The extremely intelligent Google not only can understand your query but also it can answer  the questions you ask. The queries may differ with your country and therefore you can use No Country Redirection version of google to get most out of the Google by going to

Keep Your Queries Simple ! 

If used effectively, google can save a lot of your time with its intelligent search results. It is recommended to keep your query precise and to the point, so that Google can show you the accurate results. Let us take an example:
Instead of typing “I need to learn how to boil eggs” , you can simply type “How to boil eggs”. It will make google understand about your need and show the most relevant and useful information at the top. I have already discussed how can we save our time with amazing Google search tricks.

recipe search on google

No Need To Worry About Spelling Mistakes 

Google algorithms are smart enough to understand and handle your query even if you are bad at typing spellings, grammar and punctuations. So if you have  a shortage of time, then you can just ignore these things and minimal mistakes when searching something on Google.  
Don’t Give A Damn To The Following When Searching Something On Google:
  • Cases (uppercase or lowercase)
  • Spelling
  • Special characters (plus, minus, brackets, and more)
  • Punctuation (dot, question mark, exclamation mark, and more)

How To Search For Social Profiles ?

 You might not aware about the fact that Google is smart enough to handle social search queries. If you are searching for a google plus account, then you can enhance the search results by typing +[name], or if you want to search for a twitter account then you can simply add @ followed by the name of the person or page. For example @david beckham will get you the official twitter profile of a popular footballer David Beckham on the top of the search results.

Pin Code To Location Search

If you have the pin code but do not know about the location then you can type the pincode followed by the country name in Google, and you’ll see a magic. For example : 110092 India. However if you are in the US region, then you can straight away type only the pin code in Google to know about the exact location.

Know About The Sunset And Sunrise Time

Do you know you can get the sunset and sunrise times of your city instantly ? You can type sunrise city-name or sunset city-name to get the sunrise and sunset times of most of the cities around the world. You can also type zip code instead of city-name, to know about sunrise and sunset times of your location.
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