Create Free Proxy server :Is your favorite website blocked in college ? Is it difficult for you to choose the most reliable and trust worthy proxy server ? No worries at all as you can easily create your own proxy server. There are hundreds of PHP scripts available on internet that can be used to create a proxy server for free but they need a web server and a domain name for the proxy site. Never mind, you can still create your own personalized proxy server without purchasing any domain name or web server, with google app engine. You might also be interested in Unblock Torrents in College .

Create Your Own Online Proxy Server

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You can deploy a proxy server with google app engine in a few minutes, without have to worry about the technical knowledge. I have created my own proxy server ,you can also make one for you after reading this tutorial.

Create a proxy server trickseek

How to Create Your Own Free Proxy Server ?

Step 1 : Open and login in with your google account.

Step 2 : Click the “Create an Application” button. If this is your first time then Google may ask to verify code via sms to your mobile phone number.

Step 3: Select an Application Identifier and it will become the sub-domain of  proxy server. Give a title (say My Proxy Server) to your app, set the Authentication Option “Open to all users”, create the application.

Step 4: Go to, download the 2.7 Installer and install Python. If you are using Mac, Python 2.7 is already installed on your computer.

Step 5: Download the application files required to create a proxy server from here . Extract the zip file on your desktop. You may edit the “main.html” file , to customize the front end of your proxy server.

Step 6: Go to, download the “Google App Engine SDK for Python” and install it. When the installation has finished, click “Run Launcher” button.

Step 7: Inside the Google App Engine Launcher, Select Edit >> Preferences from the desktop and set the correct values for the Python Path, App Engine SDK and the Text Editor (set this is as WordPad or write.exe and not notepad.exe) as shown in the screenshot below.

google app engine

Step 8:  Click File tab >> Add Existing Application under the Google App Launcher program and browse to the folder that contains the files that you extracted in Step 5. Once the project is added to App Engine, select the project and click Edit to replace “YOUR_APP_ID” with your App ID (Sub-Domain you created in Step 3). Save and close the file.

Step 9:  Hit Deploy, enter your Google account credentials and, within few seconds, your online proxy server will be deployed. The public URL (or web address) of your new proxy server will be your (replace _app_id with your App Engine Identifier).

deploy proxy server

TAA DAA !! You have now successfully created your personalized proxy server in just 9 steps.
(Note: The generated proxy server is basic one therefore it willl not be functional for the sites which require logins, like gmail.) 


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  1. hey great tutorial
    but how can i find the ip address,the port , the username and password of my proxy server in order to configure torrent to download torrents anonymously using my proxy server?

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