How To Know If Your Sent Mail Has Been Opened And Read ?Even after the growth of many alternatives, emails are still the best way to establish business and official communications. Whenever you send some kind of important information via mails to your clients, how you come to know that if your mail was successfully read by the recipient or not ? You simply wait for their reply. Isn’t it ? It is okay for you and not an issue but during the critical situations and urgency, it might become the reason of distress.Email programs are not built up with the email tracking scripts by default but here you’ll going to know about the best two methods of tracking email views with the third  party tools.

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  1. Msgtrk:

    Msgtrk is an online tool that works like a charm with all email services. It generates a tracking code and adds it to the list of similies automatically and  your only job is to copy one of the similies of your choice from the list and paste it into the new mail which you are going to send and if you are a blogger and going to promote your link via email then it can also help you to track the number of clicks. Whenever you generate a tracking code the tool provides a URL which you will be clicking after sending mails to track them. When you click on the tracking URL, you will be shown the read reports of mail which you have sent.

  2. Track email views with msgtrk
  3. Streak For Chrome:

    Streak is a free extension for chrome. It is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that works for Gmail. You can create and manage pipelines to represent business processes like sales,hiring,bug tracking etc. To enable email tracking just login to your Gmail account after installing the streak extension , then go to ‘streak settings’ tab and enable ‘Track emails by default’. Now when you compose a new mail, you will notice the new email tracking feature added to the email box.

    How to use Streak in gmail

    Now when you send mail to your client or any official, the views will be tracked. You may check sent mail folder of your Gmail and open the the mail you recently sent. You will notice the view report of you mail is visible on the top right side of your sent mail. however it is only avaiable for gmail

    track email views with Streak


So how’s the idea to track the email views ? Isn’t it cool ? if any doubts or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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