If you want to lock whatsapp on iphone for free then you have just landed on the right page. In this article you can find a nice work around and easy method to get the whatsapp locked on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad). With these work around you will be able to lock whatsapp on your iPhone with password or pattern.

If you own an iPhone then most probable you already know it is easier to hide whatsapp from your iPhone home screen but there is no way to set a lock for whatsapp from settings. This tutorial would help you in locking whatsApp on iPhone for free. If you have a jailbreak iPhone then you can download third party apps from Cydia store but if you don’t have a jailbreak device then there is no guarantee that you will be able to lock Whatsapp on your iPhone based on your iOS version. But atleast you can give a try whether you will be able to lock whatsapp on iPhone for free or not.

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How To Lock WhatsApp on iPhone For Free

Method 1: Lock WhatsApp using iAppLock [Jailbreak Required]


iApplocker is most popular and an amazing method for lock WhatsApp on iPhone free. With iApplock you can easily lock your Photos, Videos, Contacts, WhatsApp and any other app which you want. You have to set a passcode and add any app which you want to lock to the lock list to block the access to other peoples. For using this method you need to jailbreak your iPhone. The only limtation is it needs a jailbroken device and if you don’t have a jail break iPhone then ignore this way.

Step a): For using iApplocker firstly you must have to open Cydia app.

Step b): Now search iApplock on it so that you can easily lock WhatsApp on iPhone with a passcode. This app is available free in Cydia repo easily install it on your iPhone.

iApplock lock whatsapp on iphone

Step c): Now you can launch iApplock app, under protect tab you can see that there is no any app present for protecting. Now you can easily add WhatsApp by the tap on plus region. You can easily choose any of the apps in this section which you want to protect and hide data from others.

Step d): After adding WhatsApp you can easily set the password on it and secure your WhatsApp from other persons. You can also change the password when you need.

Step e): For changing the password you have to tap on the setting after that choose the change lock passcode now you can change the password and set a new passcode for the lock WhatsApp on iPhone free.

change passcode on WhatsApp iPhone iApplock

Download Here:

Method 2: Set Password on WhatsApp Using BioProtect [Jailbreak Required]


BioProtect is another application to lock WhatsApp on iPhone free. For using this trick you need to jailbreak your iPhone. For using this method you need to jailbreak your iPhone. You can use this method by following these some steps given as below:

Step a): For using  protect app firstly you have to open Cydia app.

Step b): Now search BioProtect for Lock Whatsapp on iPhone free with touch ID. With the help of this app you can easily protect your WhatsApp chats, photos, and other data from any other person and also lock Whatsapp on iPhone.


BioProtect is an amazing app for iPhone for protecting your personal data. Easily secure your private photos,  contacts, videos, documents, and others by generating a secure password. In this app there are options of PIN code, Dot Lock, Numeric or Alphabetic Passcodes choose anyone according to your interest and protect your data easily. There is a smart security option as Anti-theft break-in reports which identify intruders with the photo.

BioProtect on the App Store

Download Here

Method 3:Password for WhatsApp Messages [Without Jailbreak]

Password for WhatsApp Messages is another amazing method password protect WhatsApp on iPhone without the jailbreak for iPhone users, you can easily import all your chat histories from WhatsApp via email with this app. So if anyone knows your secret password after that they are not able to access your WhatsApp.


This app easily imports your chat histories via email and saves copies of all messages. Because without using this method anybody who has access to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad should be able to read all WhatsApp chats but if you are using Password for WhatsApp Messages nobody except you can read the chat or view your photos and others. The best feature of this is easily assigned custom colors to your chat histories. This is more optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can easily protect all your WhatsApp-messages, photos, videos and audio files.

Password for WhatsApp Messages

Download Here

Method 4): Best Whatsapp Locker


Whatsapp++ is another an amazing method to lock Whatsapp on iPhone. Because of its easy to use feature it is very popular. There are free and paid versions of Whatsapp++ comes use any of them according to your interest and get the different features in them for lock your WhatsApp from others . For using this method you need to jailbreak your iPhone. And follow these steps to lock WhatsApp by this method.

Step a): Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step b): After that tap on settings .

whatsapp++ setting

Step c): After the step b you have to tap on WhatsApp++ Settings.

Step d): Now tap on set password.

whatsapplock set password

Step e): Now you can enter a passcode to secure and lock WhatsApp on your iPhone.

whatsapplock enter password

Finally your WhatsApp has been locked now when you open WhatsApp you must have to enter the passcode to access the WhatsApp. You can also change or delete the passcode when you needed. Thus after you open the WhatsApp fill passcode, tap on settings, then whatsapp++ settings, finally tap on delete passcode to delete the passcode from the WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp fill passcode.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on WhatsApp++ settings.
  • Finally tap on delete passcode to delete the passcode from the WhatsApp.whatsapplock delete password


If you would follow this article of easily lock whatsapp on iPhone for free, then you will surely get to know how easy it is to get a whatsapp lock for iPhone. Because all you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions shown above in the article thus you will definitely be able to secure your whatsapp conversations with others. You will also feel secure about all the whatsapp activities because it would be protected by app to lock whatsapp on iphone. If there is any issue that you might face or any addition that you want to make to these instructions, please feel free to comment below on this post of lock whatsapp on iPhone for free.


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