Traffic from search engines is the best way to get targeted readers.You might have seen 5 or 4 star ratings in the rich snippets when searching for some product or service review on Google. High star ratings create some positive impact and trust in the mind of reader, therefore the chance of getting it clicked is increased even if it is not ranked at the top of SERP. Recently I shared how I got High PR backlinks for free for my new blog without holding anything back and I was amazed to know, the post got viral and that single post got 10,000+ pageviews in the matter of few days with most of the postive feedbacks.I am thankful to you for your great support as I don’t need anything except your support and the reason for running this blog is also the same. I have decided, from now whatever I learn will share everything here.

how to add hreview markup in blogger

What is H-Review Markup ?

 It is the star rating system shown as a rich snippet in Google search results. This eye catchy rich snippet will make your blog post to outstand in front of others in Google. The google does not automatically shows the star ratings but it has to be added manually by the web master who is reviewing a product or service on his blog whenever needed.

How to Add And Test H-Review On Your Blog ?

    1. Open Your Blogger dashboard,  open the post in edit mode on which you want to add your ratings and then switch to HTML tab.
    2. Copy the code provided below and just paste it at the end of the post. You only need to change the Post-Name , Reviewer Name , Date Format to YYYY-MM-DD , and Your Rating (Ranging From 1 to 5), with your own information.

  • Taadaa !! You are done.Now to test, whether the Hreview markup is working on your post or not, Go to Google Rich Snippets Tool , paste your post URL there and hit preview button. Now you will see how your post will look on Google with star ratings provided by you. Your star ratings will be live on Google just after the Google spiders will recrawl your site, it may take upto 1-2 days.


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