Facebook has recently added Impressum feature for facebook page. Impressum is essential in some countries like Germany. There might be a question in your mind that what is impressum for facebook page or the example of facebook impressum. You can now add impressum to your facebook page description. Facebook always care about its users and it is known for its frequent updates including the user interface and this is the success factor of Facebook as no social networking site can even survive for few months in front of Facebook.

What the Heck is Impressum ?

I believe you must be aware about this word Impressum. If you are not then let me tell you, Impressum is derived from the Latin Dictionary, which means a legal disclosure of the authorship and ownership of the document. In simple words, it means ‘Legal notice’ , ‘Credits’ , ‘Imprints’ or ‘Site notice’

I believe it is a good step taken by Facebook to add an impressum feature for the description in facebook pages as in few countries including Austria, Germany, Switzerland,  there is a Law of adding impressum page or Law on any online service including any website or an web application. You can add impressum, however the according the the rules, it should be added in accordance with your local Law of your country.

Facebook Impressum

Still many people are unaware about this feature Impressum because it is not an english word, that’s why I decided to write a detailed informative post about impressum.

How To Add Impressum To Your Facebook Page ?

If you want to add impressum to your facebook page then you can easily do so by follwing the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on About  just below the cover photo of your Facebook page
  2. Go to Page Info located in the left column.
  3. Now, click to edit the Impressum section and add your info
  4. Click Save Changes

You can read about how to add impressum on the official facebook page also.

How To Write Impressum In a Facebook Page ?

You can generally add the basic information about your Facebook page in the impressum section as follows:

  • Name of your Business or Organization
  • Contact information of your organization like: Email, Fax or Telephone number.
  • Permanent address of your organization.
  • Name of the owner or Facebook page manager and of the organization.
  • Link to your official business website.
  • Registration or License number.

You need to make a note that, I have only mentioned the basic information above regarding the facebook page impressum and this may vary according to the local laws of your country. The limit of Impressum in Facebook page is of 2000 characters.

Real Examples of Facebook Impressum

If you are still confused about the real examples of Facebook page impressum then you can simply go to youutube and search for real examples of impressums for facebook and you will find some real examples of facebook impressum.



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