Tend not to worry if your health practitioner prescribes expensive drugs. You can use your smartphone to get the cheaper  and best alternatives of any medicine. It is a known fact that doctors are tilted towards those pharma firms that straight as well as indirectly bribe them along with income vouchers as well as huge products, which include fancy holidays.

Android Medical apps

There are some medical apps available for your smart phone that can be very helpful in assisting you lower your healthcare expenses. I have personally used some of those apps and selected the best three apps.

  1. HealthKart Plus : HealthKart plus is the search engine of generic drug. This app is very helpful in cutting your medical bills. Just search the medicine name which you are using (eg. Lyrica 75mg). It will show you the medicine company, prices and Medicine information (Salts, Side effects etc).
    Now click on ‘Substitute’ . Don’t be surprised that same drug (with different reputed pharma firm) is available at a comparably very low price. Eg. Lyrica by pfizer is for Rs. 768.56 for 14 tablets (54.89 per tablet) and same drug by Cipla (Prebaxe75mg) is available only at Rs 59.00 for 10 tablets (Rs. 5.9/Tablet).
    HealthKart Plus review by Trickseek

    HealthKart Plus is currently available in Google playstore and apple itunes
    Official Download Links :

    For Android : Download HealthKart plus
    For IOS :  Download HealthKart Plus

  2. MyDawaai : The app enables you to obtain the comparative brand names along with price ranges and also general labels of any medicine. However, It is recommended to consult your doctor by asking them about the alternative medicine.
    mydawaai medical app

    The app is
    currently available in Google playstore and apple itunes

    Official Download Links :
    For Android : Download MyDawaaiFor IOS :  Download MyDawaai


  3. GetMed : It is the ad-free app. Medicine details, price,company name and substitutes are shown, but the price of alternatives are not shown in the app. So this app is useful for those who just want to know the details and price of a particular medicine.
    This app is also available in Google playstore and apple itunes.

    Official Download Links :
    For Android : Download GetMed
    For IOS :  Download GetMed


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