Do you want to know about top popular search engines list ? Well, search engines are now a part of our life as they are like magic mirrors whatever we ask to them they give us best possible answers to our query. Before buying a new car or mobile or even cooking a new recipe what would you do ? I believe you would search on your favorite search engine (Most probably: Google).

You might not be aware about other search engines apart from Google and Bing but today you can get a list of Search engines list from here in this post as I am going to list down a collection of best popular search engines 2017. The most successful and popular search engine is Google only due to their amazing and unbeatable search algorithms that helps user to get the best possible results in few micro seconds.

15 Most Popular Search Engines List 2017

As we all know Google is the best search engine in the world, but we should know about other top search engines as well other than Google and Bing. So here is the complete list of the best search engines.


Hands down to Google!! Google is the unbeatable king among all search engines and is continuously ranked as the most visited website around the whole world. Google is the world’s best search engine due to its amazing search technology, Google keeps on updating the fresh content in its index to serve the best possible results to their users.

Google Search


Bing is also a popular search engine . It is one of the products of Microsoft and they must have tried many times to compete with Google in their best possible way but unfortunately most of us are already addicted to Google. Bing comes as a default browser in Windows machines and many people based in US still use Bing in their day to day life.

Bing Search Engines


Everyone knows yahoo because of their famous email service, but Yahoo is also providing search engine services and they give good results in any general query, Yahoo has also a good reputation among top search engines list and is a third most popular search engine around the whole world.

Yahoo search engine

Ask was known as Jeeves. It was founded in 1995 and this search engine is more of a question and answer website. if you have a unique question and you need some reliable answer for it then ASK can help you in a better way.

Ask search engine logo


AOL is also in the list of best 10 search engines. AOL was known as Control Video Corporation after that it was named America Online in 1991 and in 2009 till today as AOL.

AOL search engine logo


DuckDuckGo is unique in its way. DuckDuckGo has a given number of advantages to their users and the site has a clean interface and DuckDuckGo is also popular for protecting the privacy of their users. So if you search anything you will not be traced and in order to give best results for any query they have partnered with Bing, Yahoo, Yummly. So whenever you use DuckDuck go they will not track you and your activities.

DuckDuckGo Logo


Excite is also among top search engines list. Excite gives the internet services, like email, news, instant messaging and weather updates, so if you want to make a different email address (apart from Gmail :P) do try Excite and also for the searching.

Excite search engine logo


Baidu is a most popular search engine in China. Baidu is ranked number 4th in Alexa website. Baidu is made to give best results for any query whatever you search in it like audio, video or images etc. It has been reported many times that Chinese people prefer using Baidu rather than Google or any other search engines.

Baidu Search engine logo

Chacha search engine is known for question answer service, if you ask any question it will give you direct answers to your query. It was founded in 2006  and now they also provide mobile app services so for the quick results of your questions you can download app and get your answers in minimum time.

Chacha search engine logo

WayBack Machine

Wayback machine is not actually a search engine but an archive which keeps billions of scanned web pages in its index by crawling the web. You can find the complete history of any website on Wayback machine. Way Back Machine claims they have data of over 480 Billion pages of the internet.

Wayback machine search engine logo


Yandex is the most popular russian search engine. It was founded in 1997 and since then it is very popular in Russia. Yandex search engine offer different services like Yandex music, Yandex maps, online translation, Yandex money and many others.

Yandex Search engine logo Youtube

Youtube is the most popular video search engine. People prefer watching videos on tutorials, recipes, How to on Youtube, so it is becoming very popular day by day. They have an amazing technology by which you can even stream videos with ease on a slow internet connection. One of the amazing fact about Youtube is it gets more searches then Bing, Yahoo, and AOL combined.

Youtube Logo


Wolframalpha is quite a different search engine when compared with other search engines. It provides facts figures and data of a number of topics. It can do all sorts of calculations, all you need to do is enter a keyword and it will calculate the basic things based on assumptions. The services Wolframalpha provides are also called as Computational Knowledge Engine.

Wolframalpha search engine logo


Lycos is the oldest search engine. It was founded in 1994 by spun out of Carnegie Mellon University. It was quite popular in the past but after Google came into existence it started loosing popularity. Lycos is a network of email, social networking, entertainment websites, etc which you can search by putting your queries.

Lycos Search Engine List


You can search news and web results on Wow. Wow! is among the oldest search engines list and was founded in 1996. These days it is not popular but you can try searching US based news, I hope you will find good news and web results.

Wow search engine list


so these are the world’s top search engines which provide the best services. but Google, Bing, And Yahoo are the most popular top search engines. These Three top search engines are dominating the internet market and used by a larger number of people.


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