Have you recently subscribed to a Netflix monthly plan ? You have taken a good decision as undoubtedly Netflix is one of the best among all streaming sites you can find on the internet. There are various alternatives as well but Netflix offers a wide range of movies in multiple languages and in almost all genres. As soon as you login to the service, you may get confused about which movie to watch on Netflix. This post is intended to help you decide which movie you can watch next on Netflix.

If you are a Netflix user then you should watch movies based on your mood. I am listing down top 10 popular HD movies on Netflix which you can watch online. Netflix not only offers movies but anime as well. It doesn’t matter in which mood you are right now but I hope this list will help you to decide which movie you should watch next on Netflix.

Movies To Watch On Netflix

Top 10 Movies To Watch On Netflix

  1. The Shining

    This movie is for everyone who love to watch horror genre with suspense in every bit of it. It is about the thrilling experience of a family who stayed in a hotel to spend their vacations. The story revolves around the plot that how they expected it to be good and it turned out to be chilling for each one of them. If you want to see something terrifying with perfection embedded in it then this is the right choice for you.

    The Shining

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  2. Kubo and the Two Strings

    Who does not love to watch animation? Kubo and the Two Strings movie is a simple yet deep and beautiful for people of all ages. It is basically about Kubo who has lost an eye due to cunning intentions of his grandfather. Now, he has to save himself from losing the second eye to him and his mother consistently warns him about that. Despite the warning given by his mother, Kubo tries to find his father’s weapon and sword to defeat his grandfather. Anyone will love this movie because of its concept and amazing plot.

    Kubo and the Two Strings

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  3. Memento

    Memento is a story where a man has a short term memory loss issues and at the same time he has to take revenge for the murder of his loved one. Isn’t it a familiar concept? But, what is unique about this movie which makes it worth watching? The movie is played in two timelines and in one of them the plot goes in reverse direction. The viewers can actually experience the things for real and the makers have ensured that you get involved in the movie like never before.


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  4. No country for old men

    This is one of the best classic movies we have got with the adventurous genre. It has a Western classic theme where an unsuccessful drug deal lands the main lead into the problem. In this run and chase game, the eloped person is bothered about teaching a lesson to every person he comes across in that adventurous journey. Despite having mainstream plot, the visualization and deep dialogues have managed to make this movie a big hit of all times. Nonetheless, movie is based on the novel of same name written by Cormac McCarthy.

    No country for old men

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  5. Mulholland Drive

    This is a movie which something different from what we have been watching all these years in the name of movies. The movie includes suspense, entertainment, thrill, and emotions. The story revolves around a girl who aspires to become an actress but finds out another girl who is suffering from amnesia. Then, they both start finding out about her identity, and this is how the movie goes along. Of course, it is not a usual story and many people will not feel confident about it but it is a must watch stuff for everyone on Netflix.

    Mulholland Drive

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  6. Boyhood

    When you will get to know about the history of this movie, you will definitely want to watch it at any cost. The director of this movie is Richard Linklater has used all his imaginary ideas and creativity to direct this movie. This film was shot over a period of 12 years and has same actors in the cast. The story revolves around the life of a 6 year old boy and some of the major events happening in his life. Although, it was a risky movie, but it has come out well because of its originality.


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  7. Jiro dreams of sushi

    This is more of an inspirational documentary than a typical movie for solely entertainment purpose. The story is based on the life story of renowned Sushi chef Jiro Ono. This man was first Sushi chef to win three Michelin stars. The film was produced because when life of Jiro Ono was explored, it was found that he has been running his own restaurant since 1965 without any deviation. Despite such achievements, the veteran chef still believes that he has not mastered the art yet. In order to know more about his accomplishments and modest behavior and convey it to people across the globe, this movie was directed.

    Jiro dreams of sushi

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  8. Inglourious Basterds

    The movie includes the scenario which is set in the time of Second World War. Apart from the thrilling concept and adventurous visuals, the one reason that will compel you to watch this movie is Brad Pitt. The movie is a mixture of different plots and this makes it even more interesting. The deep and stunning dialogue along with visualization of different scenarios going in same time period will keep you engaged. Obviously, the action sequences are fantastic for all the action lovers.

    Inglourious Basterds

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  9. Nightcrawler

    This is another movie with unique concept and mind blowing screenplay. Keeping aside the interesting and suspense filled plot, this movie has bagged nomination for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. The performance of each and every element of this movie is excellent and worth appreciating. The story is about a journalist who is obsessed with collecting the first recording of vicious crimes happening in and around the city. In order to do this, the main lead tries every possible technique to collect them.


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  10. Punch-Drunk Love

    Last but not the least, there is something classic related to romantic comedy. The movie revolves around the story of a man who is underrated by his own family and also has a problem of rage fits from time to time. He suddenly realizes that he has developed interest in his sister’s friend and is good at intimacy. The movie is about how this guy overcomes his neural issues and carries on his romance along with comical behavior. This movie is a must watch for those who wants to see sympathetic side of Sandler.

    Punch Drunk Love

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