Do you have an android smartphone ? If yes then you must have ever wondered is there any app to call for free to any corner of the world ?¬† is itn’t ? If you are a call maniac then you must be using Skype, Viber, Line, etc, to call your friends who are having those apps, but these apps will never allow you to call to any non-smartphone/Landline user and in addition these bulky apps eat up your 3G data very fast. You may not be knowing an alternative non-popular app which allows you not only to call for free to any non-smartphone/ landline worldwide user but also uses almost 80% less bandwidth than Skype so that it can work efficiently with your 2G mobile data.

How To Make Free Phone Calls Online ?

Nanu App Offers Free Voice Calling Using Your Little 2G Data

 Have you ever heard about Nanu ? No ? then let me tell you Nanu is a small and smart android app made in Singapore that can work efficiently even on 2G data connection to place VOIP calls with your android smartphone however most of the other top voip calling apps like Skype require 3G or a good WIFI connection to make a voice call. Nanu was launched a little few days ago with ultra low bandwidth technology. It automatically synchronizes with the phonebook and contacts.
Nanu android app screenshot

How to Call For Free With Nanu To Any Non-Nanu/Non Smarthone/Landline User ?

Nanu not only allows you to call from your 2G network but also you can make free calls to non-nanu users without paying a single penny. The app is giving free 15 minutes credits to the first 1 million installs from Google play. You can use these credits to make free calls to any user sitting anywhere on the globe. The app plays advertisements to compensate the call cost and to make money. Currently it supports 41 countries including India,UK and US to make calls to landlines and Hungary, India, Israel, Ireland,Germany, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and the US to make calls to mobiles to any non-nanu user. However the app allows to call unlimited to any Nanu user around the world. The Nanu team revealed that more app users will generate more advertising money for them and as a result they will give more free call credits to their users. The long term goal of the Nanu team is to provide unlimited free Nanu to Non-Nanu calls as that will delight users as well advertisers.
The app is currently available only on android, however the team ensures that the app will be available on multiple platforms in near future.

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