Adsense approval trick genuine wayGoogle Adsense Approval Trick 2015  (Genuine  Way): As we all know Google adsense is one of the best way available to generate revenue out of blogs and websites due to its high CPC. Few year ago getting an approved adsense account was easy like a piece of cake but today it is not less than a pain. Most of the newbies leave blogging just because they fail to get adsense. Actully adsense is not everything, if you have a great website with good traffic then you can get dozens of ways to generate much more revenue as compared to Google adsense. However adsense is always the first preference and dream for most of the bloggers. Recently my blog got approved by adsense so today I have decided to reveal all the tactics which I implemented without holding anything back specially for my blogging mates who have entered into blogging recently and looking for the tricks to get approved by adsense. To tell you honestly I have not used any trick to get adsense account, I just keep my eyes on what adsense wants from our websites and implemented the same on my blog. I have created a blueprint of the keypoints below that worked for me:

How Can I get a Genuine Google Adsense Account Quickly ?

If you are from asian country and new to blogging then you must have read eligibility to participate in Google adsense . It is clearly mentioned there that ‘if the publishers are from asian counties like india and china then they must have owned their website for atleast 6 months’, but trust me it is actually not true and I am not telling this to you only from others perspectives but I have experienced this by my own. I belong to India and got adsense approved when my blog was 3.5 months old and even I have heard that there are many asian (indian) publishers who got adsense within their first or second month. So if they can get it, I can get it then you also can get it for sure. There are still many poor quality sites which are not approved by Google adsense even after 1 year, so people like that may write negetive review about Google adsense to misguide newbies or newcomers but I would personally suggest you to ignore those negetive posts and get adsense approved quicklywith by doing smart work

Adsense Approval Tricks 2015

Focus More On Web Master Quality Guide Lines

Its very important to stay aware about the Google Webmaster Guidelines and then work accordingly. You should be knowing whether your website has the content which adsense program can accepts or not and make sure your blog has atleast 35 posts, it will make adsense bots to understand and crawl your site more properly.

Create About us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us Pages

Don’t forget to include Privacy policy, about us, Contact us Pages. You might wonder why the pages like privacy policy,terms of use are to be included if your visitors are not reading them but if you are going to enter into an online business then you should not leave any mark of your amateurism . You should include these pages in your website or blog, and there are online tools available for generating the privacy policy and terms of use of your website so you can just use them without taking any pain, this will surely increase the chances of your adsense approval.

Submit Your XML Sitemap In Google Web Master Tools:

You must be knowing the importance of a XML sitemap to improve the visibility of your blog in search engines and yes it is true that search engine bots can crawl your whole site with XML sitemaps only that you have submitted to Google Webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools then Google will be easily able to understand your site. Try to include HTML sitemap in your website as well because Google has started giving more importance to a user friendly site than a search engine spiders site so it is recommended to use both sitemaps for the easy navigation for both bots and users. This will make your site more professional which is loved by adsense.

Organic Traffic Matters Alot

Organic traffic refers to the the traffic from search engines. The most quality traffic has always been considered as the targeted traffic coming from search engines. You must have read several times that traffic doesn’t matters to adsense, yes it is true but to tell you honestly according to my personal experience, constant organic traffic matters to adsense however the traffic coming from any other source doesn’t actually matters. You do not need to have a very popular site before applying to Google. Even If you are able to get atleast 200-300 hundred page views from search engines then you are about to get approved by adsense. Cheers!

Alexa Rank Has Nothing To Do With Adsense

Does your blog has a poor alexa rank ? Are you not applying to Adsense just because you are having a poor alexa rank ? If yes then don’t panic, alexa algorithms have nothing to do with adsense. Alexa tracks only those hits which come from the alexa people while adsense bots keeps track of each and every hit and the traffic source. There might be a possiblity that even if your site is getting thousands of genuine traffic from around the world but your alexa rank is still poor. So if you are having a quality site but poor alexa then you can straight away apply for adsense.

Original And Quality Content

Google always love crawling original and quality content. Remember, your blog is your brand,  so do you think is it good to promote your brand by copying others ?  No, you should always keep your brand unique and your words should express passion towards your writing. This doesn’t means that your fellow bloggers are your competitors. You should take ideas and suggestions from your fellow bloggers to keep yourself up to date. If it is difficult for you to get content ideas then you can read other blogs of your niche and take ideas from there, and try to make that content more interesting and valuable to readers by writing it in your own style without spinning the content.

No Copyrighted Material Including Pictures

Most of the newbies make their article more attractive by getting any image from Google images and attaching them to the post. This should be completely avoided as most of the images available on internet are the property of their creator only. Always search for the loyalty free images to attach them with your post and don’t hesitate to give image credits wherever required. The alternative good option is if you are good at photoshop then you can create your own images because even if you have even a single copyrighted material or image then your adsense application will always get disapproved. So, its better to play safe.

 Make Affiliate And Bad Links As No-Follow

If your blog has affiliate links then you should always make them as no-follow so that the adsense bots cannot crawl them and a good practice is to make all the links as no-follow which are not related with the content of your website.Doing this will increase reputation of your blog/website and all of the google services including adsense love reputed content around the web.

ALT Tag In Images is Must

Google and adsense spiders are unable to read the images that you have attached with your content so it is not a good practice to add images without adding ALT tags to them. ALT tags will enable adsense bots to understand the description of your image to show relevant advertisements. Try not to stuff alt tags with keywords or otherwise Google animals might penalize you.

Remove Adsense Alternatives Before Applying

You should remove scripts of any adsense alternatives before applying for adsense to make Adsense feel that your website is made only to provide value to your readers so just remove all the alternatives that are placed to generate revenue out of your blog and don’t worry you can use them again just after your adsense application gets approved.

Website Structure And Navigation

 Adsense bots love crawling the content which is easy to navigate. You should create relevant categories and menus and make sure each category is having atleast 4-5 posts before applying to adsense. If your website is easy to navigate for users then adsense will give more preference to your blog. To ensure that, always try to use simple,responsive and light templates with more white background rather than a colorful template.Lets take an example of .It is a very popular blog and earns millions from adsense only, but still using a very simple looking template which is easy to navigate.

Use Images Only When Required

If your website is loaded with lots of images then it will surely make your website slow, which is not a good sign for adsense approval. You can not ignore adding image to your content as it makes the post more interactive but use images only when they are required. Adsense loves content and it shows relevant advertisements to your readers by crawling content of your blog.

Make Sure Your Content Is Not Violating Adsense Policies

 You should ensure that the content of your website is not violating adsense policies. If your blog has a single word of prohibited content then you will be straight away disapproved by adsense. Make sure your content is not revolving around hacking and cracking tricks, adult content, pirated material etc. To know more about the prohibited content for adsense read here

On-Page Optimization is Must

On-page optimization is the primary need of any kind of online business. Doing on-page seo does not require any expertise.Even if you are following basics pf on-page seo tactics then you are awesome. This will definitely start increasing the organic traffic of your blog day by day and if you are updating periodically  then I am sure adsense will be yours very soon. You can download and go through the Search Engine Optimization Guide By Google. Implementing basic tactics of on-page optimization has played a major role for me to grow the traffic of my blog to 100 page views per day to 2000 pageviews per day within two months.

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Make Sure That Your Blog Is Not Only MFA

You must be wondering now what the heck is M.F.A ? Let me tell you, MFA stands for Made For Adsense . Many blogs are created just for getting adsense approval and not for providing the quality content as few of the newbies consider blog only as a money making machine. Google recommends to add quality to this beautiful web and if you will add up the quality then Google is here to help you financially.

Website Must be Fast , Clean And Responsive For Google Adsense approval :

This is a crucial step that needs to be taken care before you are applying for Google adsense. Google wants you to first care for your readers before your earnings, so you need to choose a clean, malware free and fully responsive template for Google adsense approval. Try using CDN for faster loading of your website and your adsense account will be successfully approved.

Stay Away From Adsense Scams

There are hundreds of adsense scams available around the internet. Popular sites like fiverr have many gigs that claims to give you a fully approved adsense account within 1-2 days for $5. Never buy adsense account from anyone Those people may give you a fully activated adsense but within few days it will get disapproved. If you ask this from any of the pro blogger, he will surely make you aware about the adsense scams as it is impossible to fool adsense and google for long run.

Verdict: Actually you do not need any cheap tricks to get adsense because if you are on the right track then adsense does not have any right to dissaprove your account.Try to stay in contact with your fellow bloggers, take help from them and keep track on how they are making things go possible and after reading this post I wish you will also be able to get one adsense for you. All the best !

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