Google has always been the best search engine. Google was developed in around 1996 as “Backrub”. Google always shows the most useful and relevant search results with its unbeatable and powerful animal (penguin,panda) search algorithms. Google crawlers have been given the job to discover new webpages on the internet and add them to the Google index. With its ultimate and powerful algorithms Google always dominates other search engines like yahoo search, Bing, Ask, AOL etc in terms of web traffic and Alexa rankings. It is just impossible to hack or fool Google however there are few tricks that might steal up your interest.

  1.  Rajnikanth Tricks –  Just typeHow to kill rajnikanthon google search and open the first link from the search results and see what happens 😀
    how to kill rajnikanth

    Another one: Type “Google Rajnikanth” on google search box and click “I am feeling lucky” and see what happens.

  2.  Epic Google : Type “Epic google” on google search bar and open the first link in the search results. You will see the google logo including everything other thing on the page is continuosly growing in its size and at one stage it would go out of your screen.

    epic google


  3. Google rainbow : Type “Google Rainbow” and click “I am feeling lucky”. The text would file up with rainbow colors, but it would be annoying to read the colored text.
    google rainbow
  4. Askew : Type “Askew“. to make the google search results tilted.



  5. Annoying Google :  Type “Annoying google” and click “i’m feeling lucky”. and  you will notice that the text u type, randomly changes between upper case and lower case.
    annoying google
  6.  Google Gravity : Type “Google Gravity” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” . the gravity will attract Google logo towards it.

    google gravity


  7.   Google underwater : Type “Google Underwater” and enjoy watching the google logo and search bar floating in water.

    google underwater


  8. Google Space : Type “Google Space“. and enjoy the Google moving upwards in the air.
    google space
  9. Google Sphere  :  Type “Google Sphere” and click on the first link . You’ll see a sphere of text revolving around the google logo.
    google sphere
  10. Barrel Roll : Type “Barrel roll” and either click on “i’m feeling lucky” or click on the first search result. You will see the search results will roll once.

    barrel roll


  11. Google Loco : Type “Google Loco” to make the google dance.

    google loco
  12.  Google Hacker : Type “Google Hacker” to make the letters go crazy. Also Try “Google Pirate“.
    google hacker
  13. Rajnikanth kisses Chuck Norris : Type “Rajnikanth kisses Chuck Norris” and click “i’m feeling lucky” to see the result, laughing.
    Rajnikanth kisses chuck norris

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