Google is continued to be the leading search engine due to its powerful and most complex search algorithms which regularly keep the spam away from its search results. You might be surprised to know there are much more fun things you can do on google apart from search. There are funny google tricks which you can perform in front of your friends and pretend as if you are a geek, I am sure they will get impressed.

I am compiling 20 Google tricks and posting it here. On the first place, you might think it is a useless thing but it is actually a fun. These tricks will not only help you to kill time but also let you to be cool among your friend circle. So here it goes.

20 Funny Google Tricks 2018

  1. Rajnikanth Trick On Google

    Just type “How to kill rajnikanth” on google search and open the first link from the search results and see what happens.
    how to kill rajnikanth
    Another one: Type “Google Rajnikanth” on google search box and click “I am feeling lucky” and see what happens.

  2. Epic Google

    Type “Epic google” on google search bar and open the first link in the search results. You will see the google logo including everything other thing on the page is continuosly growing in its size and at one stage it would go out of your screen.

    epic google

  3. Google rainbow

    Type “Google Rainbow” and click “I am feeling lucky”. The text would file up with rainbow colors, but it would be annoying to read the colored text.
    google rainbow

  4. Askew

    Type “Askew“. to make the google search results tilted.


  5. Annoying Google

    Type “Annoying google” and click “i’m feeling lucky”. and you will notice that the text u type, randomly changes between upper case and lower case.
    annoying google

  6. Google Gravity

    Type “Google Gravity” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” . the gravity will attract Google logo towards it.
    google gravity

  7. Google underwater

    Type “Google Underwater” and enjoy watching the google logo and search bar floating in water.
    google underwater

  8. Google Space

    Type “Google Space“. and enjoy the Google moving upwards in the air.
    google space

  9. Google Sphere

    Type “Google Sphere” and click on the first link . You’ll see a sphere of text revolving around the google logo.
    google sphere

  10. Barrel Roll

    Type “Barrel roll” and either click on “i’m feeling lucky” or click on the first search result. You will see the search results will roll once.
    barrel roll

  11. Google Loco

    Type “Google Loco” to make the google dance.

    google loco

  12. Google Hacker

    Type “Google Hacker” to make the letters go crazy. Also Try “Google Pirate“.
    google hacker

  13. Rajnikanth kisses Chuck Norris

    Type “Rajnikanth kisses Chuck Norris” and click “i’m feeling lucky” to see the result, laughing.
    Rajnikanth kisses chuck norris

  14. Atari Breakout Trick

    Just go to google image and type “Atari Breakout”. It will shows you some images and within few seconds it will transform into block and you can easily play this breakout and easily score more score. After finish the game you can also share your score with your friends and family.

    Atari Breakout

  15. Zerg Rush

    It is another amazing google tricks. To use this trick you have to simply open google and type “zerg rush” on google search bar. The o from google appears from the top and slowly eat the whole page. At the end these is nothing shows on the page. It is for fun and fun to watch google trick.

    zerg rush

  16. Google Mirror

    It is another amazing google tricks in which you can get reversed result on google. To use this trick you have to open and do search anything on this search engine. It is a rotated version of

    Google Mirror

  17. Tilt page trick

    It helps you to tilt google search engine. If you want to use this trick you have to simply open the google search engine and type tilt on search bar and click on the first search result. It will provide you tilt google search option.

    Google Tilt

  18. Google Sky

    Google sky will provide you an amazing view where you can easily get space view on your device. To use this feature of google you have to open Google sky on your device. Here you can easily search anything about the space and planets.

    Google Sky

  19. Pacman

    Pacman is an amazing google doodle game which is developed in respect of the 30th anniversary of Pacman in 2010. It was so popular game so it was given a permanent place to google.


  20. Heart

    It is another amazing google trick in which you can easily create heart on your web browser. You have to simply open your web browser and open google and type (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) on search bar. It will provides you a blue heart on your browser.


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