Windows is one the most popular and reliable operating system but still due to hardware compatibility and other issues, windows may starts behaving abnormally. One of such issues which you are facing right now is sound not working. Right ? It has been noticed many people have complains of sound not working on windows 10/8/7 over the internet.

I am going to share a tutorial for you to fix sound issues on Windows. Here you can find 6 useful ways to fix sound not working issue on Windows PC. I am assuming you have working speakers already connected to your windows machine before starting up with sound not working issue. There are many sites to download music but then if you have no sound working then everything is waste, so it is really important to fix sound issues on windows 10/ 8/7 as quickly as possible.

7 Ways To Fix No Sound Issue In Windows 10 / 8 / 7

  1. Check Your Sound Settings

    If sound is not working in your PC then first of all you should check your sound settings. Just check whether your speakers/system sounds are enabled or not and make sure you haven’t muted sound settings. If you have not mute it then check the sound cable, speaker/ headphone connection for better use.

    Check Your Sound Settings

  2. Check Your Speakers Settings

    If you had checked sound settings on your windows and still have sound not working issues then check speaker settings. To check speaker settings on your windows PC you can follow the following simple steps.

    • Right click on the sound icon on the bottom right corner of your windows PC and then click on playback device option.
      playback device
    • It will show you your playback device. Ensure that there is a green tick on device as speakers. If it is already ticked it means that your speaker are the default playback device.
      green tick on speakers
    • Now double click on speakers option to get some options for your speaker.
      speakers options
    • Now go to the advanced option and then default format. Here you can easily change sound quality for your speaker. You can easily test it before use any sound format or quality for your speaker.
      sound format
    • It will help you to fix sound not working problem on your windows PC quickly.
  3. Update Realtek High Definition Audio CODEC

    If you still got sound problem not fixed it is recommended that you use this method. It should help you to fix sound problem on your PC.

    • First of all right click on the start menu of your windows machine. Now click on device manager option from there.
      device manager
    • Now search for sound, video and games controllers option and expand it for more options. It will show you few options, now you have to find ‘realtek high definition audio‘ option and click on it. It will shows few options as update, disable, uninstall and others. You just click on update driver option.
      update drivers
    • It will take few minutes to update drivers. After that your problem for audio not working on windows will be fixed.
  4. Disable Audio Enhancements

    Audio Enhancements are inbuilt Microsoft and third party packages which claim to provide good sound for your windows PC. There are times when those packages don’t work properly which may also lead you to have sound issues on your computer. Therefore, if your issue is still not fixed then you can try disabling this service on windows. To turn off, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Search for sound in task bar search box.
    • Now click on the sound control panel option.
    • It will open in a new box. Now right click on default device and select properties.
    • Click on Enhancement tab and disable all enhancements and apply the settings on windows.
  5. Restart Audio Services

    I believe above mentioned ways to fix sound problems should work for you. If in case it still didn’t work then you should restart your audio services. To restart audio services just follow the steps given below.

    • First of all you have to type services in the task bar search box and click on services.
    • Now it will show all services on your windows. You have to search for Windows Audio from these services. Click on Windows audio to get audio service options.
      windows audio
    • Now restart the service and apply the settings to restart audio service on windows PC.
  6. Sound and Audio Troubleshooter

    If all above 5 work arounds did not work for you then it is suggested to use the built-in troubleshooting tool on windows. This tool should automatically fix sound not working problem in windows. To open the sound and audio troubleshooter simply follow these simple steps given below.

    • First of all open control panel by pressing windows and X key at a same time and select control panel. You can also search for control panel on search option on your Windows PC.
    • Now click on system and security option click on find and fix problems.
      system and security
    • After that you have to choose hardware and sound option and click on Trouble audio recording option.
      Troubleshoot audio recording
    • This method will take few minutes to Troubleshoot and fix sound not working on windows PC.
  7. Run Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services [MATS]

    Microsoft also offers automated troubleshooting services and diagnostic platform for windows. You can download the Fix it wizard from here.  As soon as you run the Fix it wizard, it will analyse your system data to automatically find issues on your OS and will also determine the correct solution to fix it. MATS will fix sound not working issues by automatically finding the correct solution based on the collected system report from your computer.


I hope one of the above work arounds will fix sound not working issue in your windows PC. The above mentioned work arounds for no sound are written by keeping Windows 10 in mind but they should also work for older versions of Windows including Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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