Windows OS versions have been one of best User friendly operating system these days. I can say its graphical mode operations  made most of the Indians includes students, professionals, business experts addict to it, use the OS in the most part of life. Microsoft coming most updates to make it maximum support human life to run his day today life on business world, Windows recently came out with new version Windows 10 embedded with most wonderful user friendly features.

  • Windows OS can be user friendly,
  • Installation of operating system can easier
  • Finding software’s compatible with windows operating system and its versions will be very easy
  • Microsoft team will support us in resolving the issues 24/7
  • Microsoft windows OS is good in providing security in different levels includes user level, information level,
  • We can navigate and access the info easier on windows, we can even work comfortably from command line on windows,

In a word we can say windows operating system and its versions making business life easier day by day

Most known features of windows 10 are as below:

  • Touch supporting User Interface,
  • Live tiles feature adds most value since windows 8 versions are still made continuing on 10 even,
  • Flippy was replaced with virtual desktops on windows 10
  • Snap windows or Split feature was made updated with best ways to split-windows-laptop,
  • Paste commands is made possible on command prompt, keyboard shortcuts are even developed to work with command line,
  • Share enable windows explorer
  • Introduction to continuum feature where there was a possibility to work without keyboard,

Split Screen Feature On Windows Laptop or PC:

One of my friend found some difficulty in accessing or using  snap window feature, and we working on this issue find some solutions that may help you to use this unidentified feature on your windows laptop or pc. Here in this article on split or snap windows on windows laptop/computer you can find information which can answer you fallowing frequently unanswered questions

  • What is this Split feature?
  • How this split feature on windows work station is going to help us?
  • What are the minimum requirements to work comfortable while using this split feature or snap windows?
  • How the usage or access of snap windows feature varies from versions to versions?
  • Who introduced, from which version this snap windows feature came into picture?

Split Windows Feature On Windows Devices:

Split screen mean working with non movable virtual desktops on same pc. In a word we can say split screen feature is that Split the single wide screen computer in to two monitors. You will be made to work on two different programs at once.

 Requirements to work with Split screen feature comfortable?

  • Your workstation or Laptop screen should be at least 15” or 17” inches.
  • Your screen windows are not to be maximized to fill the full screen before enabling this feature.

Split feature will enable the windows user to take advantages in fallowing things:

  • Helps us to view two different applications side by side,
  • Enable multitasking on your computer or laptop,
  • Work on two different programs at once,
  • Allows you simultaneous presentation of similar application,
  • Enable two users interact with two different instances simultaneously,
Introduction to splitting of screen feature to windows:

Splitting screen feature was introduced by Microsoft windows OS features development team since windows 3.0 version.

Split screen on your windows laptop or windows workstation:

You being windows end user want to enjoy the split screen or snap windows feature o your laptop or workstation. Here is the article which can help you in splitting you windows laptop screen. There is no need of any software to perform the split screen activity on windows laptop or workstation, RIP Windows XP, officially announced by Microsoft, but still found that few users may use XP still on their laptops and computers, So we can now understand how to do split screen on your computer with windows XP operating system:

We can do horizontal split, or vertical split

Start the process by opening two applications, for example we can move on with word and excel,

  • Minimize the screen spread applications,
  • Find windows on task bar,
  • Click on one application hold and press CTRL Key on your key board and click on second application,
  • Care to be taken that both applications get selected,
  • Now right click on either one in taskbar, and select the option of tile vertically or tile horizontally, from options.

You can split the screen multiple, but everything will be happening on only single monitor with possibility dragging of applications on to different monitor having taskbar on one monitor, if you have multiple monitors. Windows 7 and windows XP version though support multiple screen split will not help you in performing splitting on multiple platforms, Windows 8.1 and later can help you in performing splitting on different monitors as there can be an advantage of have its own desktop for each monitor

Split screen In windows 7/windows 8/10 laptop/PC:

We need not fallow the process done on windows XP to perform split screen process, we have a new feature “SNAP” from windows versions 7 and later, SNAP feature is going to help us in doing this split screen on windows 7 and windows 8 and later versions operated computers or laptops.

  • Open 3 or more applications
  • Minimize the screen spread applications,
  • Find windows on the taskbar,
  • Just drag and drop the applications on taskbar to right side of screen, the app spread over right half of the screen, same with left side,
  • When splitting to be done on multiple monitors operating with windows 7 or windows 8 the same process can be done, and you can notice that each monitor has its own taskbar,

We have third party software which can help us in splitting the screen on windows is “Split view”.

How to Split the screen on windows 8.1 laptop or Computer ?

We have new advanced feature “Snap view” on windows 8.1 and later versions with which you can even take advantage to split the screen as per your needs in different ratios, many changes done to this feature “SNAP VIEW” in windows 8.1 to improve abilities of handling multitasking

Use SNAP VIEW feature to handle multitasking on your windows 8.1 workstation,

  • Open 2 or more applications,
  • Make sure one application was spread over full screen (limitations of windows XP,7,8 have been overcome) and drag the second application in such way it was completed presented on the screen or docked in completely,
  • By default, they share 50 % of screen with in each other (can be modified as per needs using separator of the two screens),
  • Take advantage to do splitting on internet explorer accessing windows internet explorer 11 modern UI app (it should have made to spread the full screen, Right click on the link select the option open with new window, by default share 50% of screen by each other)

In this article you will be coming across with “multiple monitors”

How to use this “multiple monitors” or “second monitor” feature on windows 8.1 and later versions?

These are the ways you can move on your windows 7, 8, 8.1 laptop with dual screens:

You can find two DVI video ports, if not replace the card with one DVI Video card with two DVI video ports card with your PC, or you can find one DVI Video port with your laptop, we need a suitable adopter to do same tasks, you can also have custom monitor cables that can help to split the signal from one port to two monitor. When you connect multiple pc to windows 7 operated pc or laptop, it automatically detects, and give rise to pop ups which allow us to set display settings,

Few options or Extend your displays (desktop spread over both monitors allows you to drag items between two screens), duplicate your displays, show your desktop on only one monitor

Summary: You split the screen on your windows XP, 7, 8 just by dragging the tabs over screen, use “SNAP VIEW” feature to split the screen on your windows 8.1 and later operated pc, laptop or use “split view” app to split windows pc screen just by paying $39 or just do it yourself.


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