Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2015 At Cheap Price : If you are into blogging or if you want to setup your business website then it’s very important to choose the best hosting provider for you, there are many US based hosting companies, which claims to provide the hosting space with 99.9% uptime, but that’s not true for all of the hosting providers. There are many local hosting companies which simply buy a reseller hosting packages of some big hosting company and they sell by their own names which might not be good. We have tried to keep the all the top best wordpress hosting provider companies in this post which provide web hosting for cheap rates. The primary concern of yours should be a Brand name but a better hosting provider which can keep your site up 24×7 . If the web host is not reliable or not providing you the consistent hosting then it is a waste of money, better to buy a free web hosting rather than a cheap one, that already has many glitches.

Web hosting is one of the prerequisites of any website or blog and that’s is why it should be good enough to make your business always up. Choosing a good web hosting is not important that if you will ignore it, then your website can also be out of the search engines just because of large load time and hosting quality.

There are many kinds of web hosting available in the market including free hosting, Shared hosting, managed hosting ,  Cloud , VPS and dedicated hosting and among all of them, shared hosting is the most common one, because it is cheap and reliable for long term medium websites.

Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

If this is your first time when you are going to buy a web hosting for your website, then while searching on Google, you might get confused between Linux vs Windows Webhosting . There are many kinds of web hosting available for you but you have to choose the best one for you. The cheapest hosting is Linux based shared web hosting but if you have a windows based web application then you need to choose the windows web hosting for you but it is a little bit costlier than Linux hosting. We have shared the differences between windows and linux based web hosting in this tutorial.

  • Cost : Linux is an open source platform and that is the reason Linux web hosting is more cheaper than the windows based web hosting. You can use Linux server applications including Web server, FTP, File server and DNS for free. If you want to host a normal blog or website which is not based on microsoft technologies like, then it is highly recommended that you should choose the Linux based web hosting as it is more cheaper.
  • Stability: Stability is also the main factor that needs to  be cared of before purchasing a good host. Linux is a traditional but stable OS, therefore the hosting is also stable. However with changing technologies, Windows web hosting plans are also getting stable day by day. But with Linux web hosting, you will be able to get stable web hosting at cheap price.
  • Requirement: This is the major factor that effects your web hosting purchasing decision. If your website or blog is based on windows specific technologies like, microsoft access or microsoft SQL server, then I would suggest you to go for a windows based hosting provider or otherwise if you are looking for a reliable web hosting for wordpress then I would suggest you to go for linux based web hosting. You can start with cheap shared hosting plans.
  • Scalability: Most of the websites are dynamic which keeps on growing with time to meet up with the users requirements. The linux web hosting is said to be the most scalable web hosting.

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Best Web Hosting Provider Companies For WordPress in 2015


Pagely is said to be the first and largest hosting provider for wordpress. Pagely servers are powered by Amazon Cloud , which makes it the best in class web hosting provider. It provides best in class performance, scalability and reliability. You can get dependent on Pagely web hosting without getting bothered about the technical challanges. They are smart enough and will manage to handle and solve all technical glitches. They will update your hosting with Press armor security, regular backups. It is said that huge online platforms including facebook and microsoft have a trust on them. You can grab a managed wordpress hosting from Pagely at cheap prices.


Bluehost is one of the most popular wordpress hosting provider companies which is also recommended by Bluehost provides managed webhosting for wordpress and they are the most reliable web hosting companies. You can get reliable and cheap web hosting for wordpress by bluehost. You can setup your wordpress blog or website in just single click on bluehost servers. Bluehost claims to provide high uptime of wordpress site uptp 99.99% and their support team is active 24×7. If you need any support then you can simply call or chat with them to get the instant support.


WPEngine is also a very popular managed wordpress hosting provider company. They provide a issue and hassle free webhosting which provides robust servers to handle your website and traffic. Reviews tell that they provide an excellent customer support and have an excellent staff that can solve all of your technical problems within seconds. Popular brands like Soundcloud, HTC trust on WPEngine for their reliability. If you are looking for cheap managed wordpress hosting then you can go for WPengine and forget about the server issues of downtime, just focus on your website and users. WPengine will surely help you in increasing your online business.

A Small Orange

A Small orange might be less popular for you but it is one of the most trust worthy hosting providers available in the world. A small orange have powerful managed servers that will handle your high real time visitors with ease. A small orange regularly monitors your server and traffic and resolves all the technical challanges that comes in wordpress hosting. They provide high uptime. You can only concentrate in increasing your users and visitors, rest is all managed by a small orange.



 Siteground is most popular in providing the best webhosting and if you are in a wordpress community for long time, then you must have heard about their excellent service. They provide reliable and managed wordpress hosting to keep your site up. They provide unique in-house wordpress speed to make your website load faster which is also loved by search engines. The also provide an excellent security which will keep your website secure from hackers. They have three data centers in Europe, USA and Singapore. You can also grab their webhosting discount coupon.


We have provided with a list of top best managed webhosting providers 2015 . You can grab webhosting with huge discounts. If you are looking for webhosting coupons , then you can see the best offers for best cheap wordpress hosting you in the below links or you can contact us and we will provide you with the best available hosting coupon available for you and we will also provide you with the freebies worth US$1000 along with the wordpress hosting coupon.






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