Today is an era of smartphones, no one has time to even open their bulky computer systems for entertainment as people have all the required entertainment element in their smartphones. So if you are one of those and looking to play games online on your mobile phone then you have landed on the right page. An addictive game completes can build up a craze in you and give you a cool piece of entertainment and the left-out happiness in the life of an individual. Obviously, with amusement and happiness, it makes your mind, body and soul fresh by removing your boredom and tiredness from the challenges which the world has in store for us at every phase. Considering such unexpected healing powers of series of different online games such as action games, puzzle games, word games, board games, sport, arcade etc, as a game lover, it makes me quite proud to bring top 10 sites to play online games on mobile.

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Best Sites To Play Games Online For Free

Big Fish

Big Fish is one of the popular websites to play online games for free. Many of your might consider the name to be quite interesting. Yes, its name is just a sneak peak of the game which is full of raw actions to make you go crazy for them. The website lets you play the games for various platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. If you want to engage yourself into something really marvellous and awesome, then this game awaits you.

Big Fish Games


The level of amusement, humour and fun can be best seen and experienced with Newgrounds. You name the specific genre which you want to view and you will get it here. Yes, an amazing and state of the art games to make your heart beat faster and louder. There are loads of different sequence of events to make you so occupied with the game, that you will be like “How can so much time has passed”?

NewGrounds Games

Addicting Games

Addicting Games has a collection of games that brings out addiction. Don’t believe me. Just check out yourself in order to play online games on mobile phone. They range from different categories of sports, action, shooting, puzzle, strategy, fun and not forget to mention about “zoom” and “vroom” sounds denoting car games. Considering so many genre, you are sure to get that “complete” appetite of happiness for refreshing and rejuvenating your soul away from anxieties, depression and confusion.

Addicting games

Flash Games Player

Another one of the top 10 sites to play online games on mobile has to be Flash Games Player. It offers a perfect hub for some of the choicest of electrifying games which will help you to regain the lost energy, makes you run with excitement and give you complete dose of entertainment for continuing with another day and another set of challenges. Yes, considering the level of fun and frolic, the healing properties will come on its own much to your happiness.

Flash Games Player


If you want to play online games on mobile for free, then Miniclip will deserve to be in the list for having a database of whopping 700 free games. Yes, this data is regularly updated with new and fresh games to make you go “wow”. As you take a look at the variety of games which range from action packed series to sports, puzzle one etc. There is a taste for everyone. If you are hungry for playing some of the raw games to make you at edge of the seat, then Miniclip offers that space which you don’t want to miss.

MiniClip games


Kongregate is a platform for crazy and fun loving gamers to ensure awesome time right in few clicks away. It is like grab the offer before it gets late. The best part is that this offer will remain with you where from shooting game sequences to action ones, to puzzles and those high energy games are all waiting for you. So, why to delay?

kongregate games

Armor Games

If you are looking for play online games on mobile now, then Armor Games has its own significance. An immense collection of really rocking games at your end and that too for free, yes you heard it right. All the games which have proved themselves in reaching to the level of ecstasy, and craze are right at your finger tips. A game lover like me won’t get away from it and I am sure, you don’t want to miss playing it too.

Armor games

Free Online Games

If you are looking for play game websites, then Free Online Games will remove your boredom in a split second, the moment you browse the site. Yes, so you can very well sense about the loads of action packed events which you are going to witness. A full house of total fun with madness can be summed up for the game which can make one glued to it for years.

Game house

Game house is to force you shake your leg or two. Yes, you need to play it to realise the level of excitement which you will experience. There will be occasions when you might literally jump with excitement on winning the round after going through series of challenges at regular intervals. So don’t miss the time which will be synonymous with quite a playful and joyful occasion in your busy life. You can download Game House for free and ensure some of the coveted moments to give you an edge over others and that too, without spending a dime.



Life without humour is more or less likely to be boring, plain and simply. Humour or fun quotient makes it lively, interesting and worth living and Funtoosh is there to give you all of your required entertainment. A humorous person tends to live longer and has a healthy life. Well, the reason I was counting on the fun and happiness part because of “Funtoosh” which gives you funny moments and has lots of those humorous and rib tickling videos to make your day. Yes, a site which will make you forget your concerns, and anxieties to give you a new “you”. Experience yourself to what I am actually saying and I am sure you will turn out to be delighted.

funtoosh games


Finally, aforesaid are the Top 10 “Sites To Play Online Games On Mobile. These games will bring moments of surprise, fun, humour and of course happiness in such an uncertain life with full of challenges. It just takes few clicks to get into the reel world. So take a time for yourself and play them in style and experience what it takes to make right decision at the right time.


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