Are you a long-term crypto investor ? Well ! There are already many software or desktop wallets to store bitcoins but it is still a good idea to get a secure bitcoin hardware wallets to store your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency safely. Hardware wallets will let you to store your bitcoins offline safely and you will still be able to use them for regular transactions.

Almost all web based wallets or software wallets for cryptocurrencies claim to be secure but what if they get hacked ? All your precious crypto-coins will go into veins. Therefore, it is suggested to store your bitcoins in a hardware wallet. Another good thing about hardware wallets is even if you lose your wallet, you can still restore all your coins in another wallet without any hassle.

I have listed down top 10 bitcoin hardware wallets in which you can use to store your bitcoins in a much more secured environment.

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Top 10 Hardware Wallets To Store Bitcoins Securely

      1. Ledger Wallet

        Ledger Wallet is a smart card based bitcoin hardware wallet. It provides private keys which allows you to easily secure your cryptocurrencies. The most popular one is Ledger Nano S and is available for only 58.00 €. It is a multi-currency hardware wallet which is compatible for both software and open-source. One of the best feature of this wallet is it allows you to easily recover and recreate with the seed entire wallet while it loss or damage. It needs a user created and selected PIN code so that no other person can use and access your wallet.

        Ledger Wallet

      2. Trezor

        Trezor is another secure hardware wallet which allows you to store Bitcoins offline. It provides advanced security option with bitcoin private keys. It also allows you to easily make secure payments without exposing private keys to anyone. Trezor is a small computer which is designed to protect your private keys from online and offline vulnerabilities. It is an easy to use device which asks you for some security options to get access of the wallet. There is also an option of backup and recovery so that you can easily recover your wallet.


      3. Keepkey

        Keepkey is another hardware wallet to store bitcoin offline. It is a USB device that allows you to store and secure your bitcoins easily. One of the best feature of this hardware wallet is it allows you to easily review all of your transaction. There is an amazing OLED display by which all of the bitcoin transaction using this must be reviewed and approved. It has an unique recovery feature which allows you to easily recover and restore private keys with a BIP 0039 recovery seed. Along with bitcoin you can also keep and secure ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and namecoin in this wallet.


      4. Opendime

        Opendime is a small USB stick which allows you to use Bitcoins for payments. You can easily pay it as a dollar bill. It is a mini USB device which can be connected to the USB port and easily get your bitcoin status. You can find instructions on its official site for better usage of this Bitcoin wallet offline.


      5. Copay

        Copay is another bitcoin wallet owned by Bitpay which is currently available for android, iOS, windows, Linux, Mac and other device. You can easily get it on your respective device and easily use your bitcoin wallet on your device. It is simple, easy to use with clean user interface so that anyone can easily use this wallet on their device. One of the best feature of this bitcoin wallet is to allows you to use it for business purpose and easily track transactions. It is an open source bitcoin wallet which secures your bitcoins.



      6. CoolWallet

        CoolWallet is an amazing credit card like Bluetooth device which allows you to use bitcoins and private keys. You can easily store and secure your bitcoins in this wallet. All of the bitcoin transaction must be manually approved using its e-paper display and button. You can easily recover and restore all of your bitcoins in case of loosing your device. All of your bitcoins will be safe and secured while using this bitcoin hardware wallet.


      7. Digital Bitbox

        Digital Bitbox is a popular bitcoin hardware wallet which is fully secure and provides high privacy and security for your bitcoins. You can easily and safely hold and spend your bitcoins. It has an amazing crypto element feature which allows you to easily secure hardware RNG and key storage. It has an amazing offline backup and recovery option which allows you to easily recover your wallet with a micro SD card. One of the best feature of this wallet is its ability to use on mobile phone for 2FA.

        Digital Bitbox

      8. Bitsafe

        Bitsafe is another popular, safe and secure bitcoin wallet . It provides a wide range of different services which helps you to invest bitcoins at a great interest rate. It is a highly secure and safe option to invest and track your bitcoins. One of the best feature of this platform is to provide you with options and plan that pays on a hourly basis. You can get interest on your amount in hourly basis. It operates only bitcoins so you can also get full details and extra knowledge about bitcoins on this platform.


      9. Swiss Bank in Your Pocket

        Swiss bank in your pocket is a windows desktop application which allows you to use bitcoin wallet and bitcoin vault on your desktop. It has an amazing functionality by which you can easily track and get your wallet. You can also send and receive bitcoins with in the application. Each of the transactions will be easily tracked and revised. It is developed with good user interface so that any one easily use it and can easily get access of their bitcoin wallet. It has also option backup and recover your account and wallet with some security options.

        Swiss Bank In Your Pocket

      10. BlochsTech card

        BlochsTech card is an ultra light smart card like bitcoin hardware wallet. It has integrated high security option so that you can easily secure your wallet and bitcoins with other users. It is an open protocol secure bitcoin hardware wallet with faster access option. You can easily use this offline without using any internet connection. One of the best feature of this hardware is to easy to use, global and 0% fee forever option. It has an amazing feature of replacing the VISA system in all nations.



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