Listening to your favorite songs may relax you with good feelings. Music is art for all music lovers. I have seen many people who listen to music while they are on work too. These people like music and listen through their mobiles, laptops, music players, etc. And some guys are spending few bucks to check-in hotels and bars to get relaxed. It totally depends because some people may love to listen to old songs and some may new trending songs. They usually surf new songs and download from The Internet. I can understand that surfing the web, exploring and then downloading latest or cool songs is so boring. So the option for online music streaming came into existence , but what if you are stuck somewhere, and you don’t even have access to the internet and not even have songs in the memory card of your smartphone  ? To avoid these kind of ugly situations you can  listen to music offline. Yes. You heard me right. There are few apps which even allows you to stream music without internet.

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Yeah, you can listen to your favorite songs online by navigating to some best radio sites or by downloading some top apps to listen music offline without internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. Wow, how it’s possible to listen without an active internet connection?

Stream Music Offline Without Internet

You can listen to music on your device without internet connectivity by using some best offline-music applications available for both Android and iOS users. These kinda apps will let the users listen to music without the internet connection.

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Here in this post, we have listed some best apps to listen to music without active internet connection. Let’s check it out!

Best 7 Apps To Listen To Music Without Internet (Offline)

1. iHeartRadio

We hope most of you know, iHeartRadio which is one of the topmost music streaming application available for all major platform. iHeartRadio will give access to over 800 radio stations which been hosted in US region. And this application lets its users create their own custom stations based on their genre, artists or bands and songs.


During holiday seasons iHeartRadio comes handier where they host new songs which suit your taste. It also claims around 18 million songs by over 400,000 artists and 1000+ of live streaming stations. And daily more songs are being added to a various genre. Instead of sharing our experience with iHeartRadio it is better you to start listening to live radio today.

For Android: Download Link
For iOS: Download Link

2. Slacker Radio

Slacker radio app is one of the top music streaming apps which can also be used to play offline music without the internet connection and is serving millions of users. The best part, it’s very easy to find your favorite songs according to different genres and artists you wish. Also, it let the users create custom station just like the iHearRadio app.

Slacker Radio offine play

Slacker radio is free and it also gives subscription access to millions of songs and hundreds of human-powered music stations on mobile, web, in-car entertainment and consumer electronics. Here you can simply choose a station based on genre or artists and start listening.

For Android : Download from Playstore
For iOS: Download from Playstore

3. Pandora

Once we talk about best offline music streaming apps, everyone pop-outs, Pandora. If you are looking for some new trending music stations where you can listen to music offline then here it’s your station. Pandora is one of the best top popular music streaming service without the internet. Anyhow, Pandora got less collection of songs when compared with other offline music streaming apps. But when you compare with its features, none of the music apps can be compared with it.

Pandora app features lots of new features were one among is the alarm clock. It will wake you up with your favourite music. Just like other music apps, it will also let you create a radio station with similar music.

Pandora Music App

This app will suit for all sort of events, it might be a party or work or studying. Once you subscribe, you will get access to a big music collection where you can pick your favourite songs and start listening to it. Pandora app is available for both Android and iOS. It also has paid and freemium versions where in free version ads may annoy you. So it is better to get premium version by paying $4.99 a month to get rid of annoying ads.

For Android: Download From PlayStore
For iOS: Download from Appstore

4. Microsoft Groove

Every music lovers must try this app. The groove is a the best music streaming app for android and for iPhone users. Groove streams tonnes of music on a various genre. And this app holds a record to be downloaded by 1 lakhs peoples within a day. Groove Music apps feature great user interface where you can easily browse music and songs. Just give a try to Groove and share your thoughts in comments below.

Groove Music Streaming app

For Android: Download From Playstore
For iOS: Download from Appstore

5. SoundCloud

The giant repository of music is  here! We hope all sorts of musicians must have uploaded their own mixes and tracks in SoundCloud. Undoubtedly, Soundcloud is the one of the best music streaming app where it hosts millions of songs and music. All you need is just to signup here to listen to your favourite music or certain songs.

sound cloud

SoundCloud let the artists or users to interact with an app where they can create the custom playlist with favourite songs. And its also allows anyone to upload their own songs to Soundcloud, where it lets the local artists be reached worldwide.

For Android: Download from PlaystoreFor iOS: Download from Appstore

6. Spotify

Spotify is a well-known music streaming application available for the major mobile platform. This app comprises a thriving hub along with BBC’s playlist services with around 20 million tracks available for streaming daily. Here in this app, you can expect more privacy than another music streaming apps. When you get connected with social networking sites, then it will automatically share which songs you are listening now.
You can use Spotify freely on your desktop but to get access on your mobile then you need to pay for it. It will cost you around $12.99 a month and it will get rid of ads too.

Spotify App Logo

For Android: Download From Playstore
For iOS: Download From Appstore

7. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a popular music streaming app and all Android users must know about its service. With this app, users can enjoy listening to music, radio from 50,000 songs collections. Google Play Music app can be used from your computer easily without any issues. It also offers offline features and it will synchronise iOS device with iTunes with few clicks. Better give a try to Google Play Music and drop your thoughts in comments.

Google play music app

For Android : Download From Play Store


So, what do you think about these top apps to listen to music without the internet connection? Best Music Streaming App? Which one do you consider it as from the above list? Drop them in comments. Stay tuned for more.

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