What’s the most obvious thing you gladly switch to, after a hectic day at office? Well, in all probability, if you have music downloader apps installed on your smartphone then you can listen to soothing music and relax your mind.

A good music refreshes soul and gives you moment of power to remove boredom, tiredness. It is suggested to keep free music downloaders on your android or iOS smartphone to stay updated with latest music.

If you are looking for some music break then I have come up with best free music download apps for your smartphone or you can also listen free music online without downloading. Considering the popularity, necessity and importance which music has played in our lives, I have prepared a list of Top 15 Free Android Apps To Download Music for making your life rocking like never before whenever and wherever you wanted.

Top Free Music Download Apps For Android & iOS

  1. 4shared Music

    4sharedMusic lovers should be lucky of living in an age where there are so many Android music download apps, quite like 4shared Music. Right, through search option, you will get millions of files according to your genre to download to your Android device. A valuable 15GB space is what you get for uploading songs too.

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  2. Freegal

    FreegalAnother one of the Top 15 Free Android Apps to Download Music is Freegal. Songs are licensed free to use with no technicalities involved while operating. Thanks to its vast collection of data base, you just have to enter the search query to get desired results. The copy of the song is downloaded on your SD card. Through the site, you can also listen different songs, as there is a “Listen” tab.

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  3. Sound Cloud

    SoundCloudSound Cloud offers a complete free Android App to download music like never before where different genre of songs awaits you in the form of jazz, rock, hip hop etc. As you have your “internet” on, you can listen the streams as well.


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  4. Napster

    NapsterHow about searching for different genre of songs and you know you will easily get? Yes, that’s exactly the case with Napster. A song lover knows the importance of songs and you will have smiles. Additionally, you can download ring tones for free too. You can easily listen to the song which you love and download it for free on your android or iOS device.

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  5. Volify

    VolifyWhat if I tell you that besides downloading your favourite songs from the millions available, you can also get lyrics through free Android music downloader app? Yes, an added pleasure and excitement, so double your joy and enthusiasm as you rightly deserve as well, you can download you favorite MP3 from Volify Music Downloader. It let you to search your favorite music according to country.

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  6. Anghami

    AnghamiAnghami is another app which lets you have your own personal DJ to enhance the melodious time of your life as you download unlimited songs to make your day. It allows you to search any of your favorite new or old music and download it easily for free on your android or iOS device. Along with download it also let you to share your favorite music with your friends and family.

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  7. Music Mania

    Music ManiaThe success and popularity of any Android app can be ascertained through the increasing numbers of downloads by music lovers and Music Mania is the perfect witness to it. Here, from an awesome collection of songs which are numbered over 35 million, you can download free tracks. The Android app offers a great way to kill your boredom and have a blast with the original and happening songs.

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  8. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

    RockMyRunWhat will be your reaction, if you can actually synchronize the songs according to your workout? That will be quite interesting indeed. As RockMyRun exactly does the same which has awesome collection of DJ-mixed play lists to speed up your workout. Now run and listen songs and shape your body through humming your favourite songs. It won’t get easy and melodious than this for sure.

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  9. Mazika

    MazikaA visit to the Android app Mazika for downloading music will tempt you to download even increasing number of songs, thanks to its immense collection of songs. While you download, its speed won’t slow down, thus further helping you to have your own data base ready of increasing numbers of songs and that too in style. It is indeed a child’s play to download all of them.

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  10. Deezer

    DeezerAnother one of the top 15 free android apps to download music is Deezer. There is no limit to number of songs, and you can quickly download thousands and play them subsequently to liven up your soul. You can also freely stream the songs for listening without downloading. It has good collection of free music which is available for all android and iOS users.

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  11. Musicloud

    MusicloudHow about an Android app which lets you create a sound track based on the desired mood? Well, Musicloud exactly does it. Apart from those mind-blowing collection of songs at your service, the app also have features in the form of sleep timer, audio EQ, artist videos etc. Access your favorite music across all your android and iOS devices listen and download it for free.

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  12. Wynk Music

    Wynk MusicWink is another free music download apps for android and iOS users which allows you to free music streaming and downloading. What is your state of mind when amidst the endless tensions and worries; you at once feel happy and joyful on listening your favourite songs? The feeling is best left to be experienced, than told. Isn’t it? That’s exactly Wynk Music offers as well.

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  13. Gaana

    GaanaMusic has such a healing source which creates a harmony of its own. Your mind, body and soul will see its charismatic boost, as you listen to endless songs from the data base of Gaana , quite like the way you are looking for. Gaana music download apps allows you to listen online music and download it for offline also. It has a good collection of all new and old music so you can easily search any of your favorite music.

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  14. Download Manager

    Download ManagerSongs, songs and more of them. Yes, a massive collection where it is like you are diving into the sea of music, you can get simple mp3 downloader. So, now you can quench your thirst of music by listening to the choicest of songs by downloading unlimited songs in Mp3 format to your Smartphone. It allows you to download any of your favorite songs and other files easily.

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  15. MusicLoad

    MusicLoadAnother one of the top free music download android apps is MusicLoad. The list of songs are quite good. The quality of the songs is satisfactory to say the least; there is room for improvement though. It is another good music download apps which has good collection of new as well as old music to download and also save it on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box.

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Finally, aforesaid are the top 15 free Android apps to download music and enter the happening times of your life. The world is indeed so beautiful and you need to just find the ways to experience them with your timely decision. After all, music has the power to enrich your soul and as you do, you recharge yourself for carrying out another set of day with great zeal, enthusiasm and motivation. So have a blast as you deserve it with Music download apps.


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