You might have ever wondered if it is possible for you to switch from Windows to some free alternative operating system. There is no doubt Windows and macOS are the most popular OS used around the world. However, the sad truth is Windows OS are prone to malware and on the other hand, macOS requires an apple hardware to run smooth which can be costly for you. There are many free operating systems which you may be never knew.

Linux distributions or operating systems based on Linux kernel are free, stable and reliable. You can install them on your computer and use as Windows alternatives. I am going to list down the most popular Linux distributions OS which you can install on your machine. However it is not really suggested to install any of these directly on your main working computer. You can either use them as a virtual machine or on dual boot to test. Linux distributions are also much safer than Windows from malware attacks.

I believe you are already aware about the Unix OS which is a Linux distribution but I hope you will find this list of free Operating systems interesting. Below listed OS are free to use and you can download them directly.

Operating Systems for laptop

Top 10 Best Free Operating Systems For Laptop

  1. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is an open source and free operating system for laptop and PC. It is a Linux distribution based on Debian architecture. You can easily run it on your laptop or PC and use it for free. It runs on popular architectures, including Intel, AMD, and ARM-based machines. Along with laptop and PC, it is also available for tablets and smartphones with amazing Ubuntu touch edition. It is popular operating system which runs in hosted environments so it is also known as clouds. You should have a PC with at least 2 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 25 GB of free disk space as basic requirements to run this on your PC.


  2. FreeBSD

    FreeBSD is an open source operating system which you can install on your laptop for free. FreeBSD can be used to power modern servers, laptop, PC and and other embedded platforms. It is popular for its advanced networking, security, and storage features. You can install it on your laptop using CD-ROM, DVD, Pen drive or directly over the network using FTP or NFS. Most of the operating systems with these features are available at high prices but FreeBSD is available free of cost.


  3. TrueOS

    TrueOS is another popular and free operating system for laptop and personal computers. It is founded by FreeBSD professional Kris Moore in 2005 as PC-BSD. It is most beginner friendly operating system so anyone can easily use this operating system. One of the best feature of this operating system is it provides official binary Nvidia and Intel drivers for hardware acceleration. Along with these it is also popular for providing 3D desktop interface through KWin, and Wine.


  4. Haiku

    Haiku is an open source, popular and free operating system for laptop or PC. It is compatible with almost all laptops and PC. It is a self hosted and developed operating system with amazing user interface. It is supported by Haiku, Inc which is a non-profit organization. Haiku operating system is written in C++ and provides an object-oriented API. You can easily play high definition video games, watch movies and videos on your PC without any problem.


  5. ReactOS

    ReactOS is a good alternative to Windows operating system. You can easily install this operating system on your laptop or personal computer. The good thing is you can enjoy running almost all softwares on ReactOS, which are made for windows. It is a light weight operating system so it won’t eat heavy disk space or RAM. The only requirement is to have atleast 500MB HDD and 96MB RAM on your laptop or PC to use this free operating system.


  6. FreeDOS

    FreeDOS is a free, complete DOS compatible operating system which can be easily used on any laptop or PC. It is a reliable operating system and lets you to play classic DOS based game on your laptop or PC. Any software or program which is compatible with DOS based device can easily be installed and used on FreeDOS OS. Two features of FreeDOS make it remarkable which include, it allows you to view and edit the source code and also let you to share the OS with others.


  7. Fedora

    Fedora is another free operating system for laptop and PC which was formally known as Fedora Core. It is sponsored by the Red Hat company and an Unix-like operating system which is based on the Linux. Fedora is distributed under various free and open-source licenses. It also provides with the complete set of tools for developers. It uses Security-Enhanced Linux by default so that you can easily secure your files and documents with its variety of security policies.


  8. Chrome OS

    Chrome OS is a popular operating system developed by Google and is based on Linux kernel. It uses Google Chrome web browser as a default browser for better user experience. It is an open-source project which provides a fast, simple and secure computing experience to all users. You can easily get it from its official website and use it on your laptop or PC. Chrome OS has also an integrated media player and file manager.

    Chrome OS

  9. DexOS

    DexOS is a x86 32-bit console operating system for laptop and PC. It is popular among coders who want direct access to all hardware. With the help of this operating system you can easily access all of your hardware including CPU and graphics. DexOS has two modes for interaction. You can interact using graphical user interface GUI or by using the command line interface.


  10. Linux Mint

    Linux Mint is another popular Linux based operating system for laptop users. It is a modern, elegant and an easy to use operating system. Linux Mint provides full out-of-the-box multimedia support. It comes with different variety of free and open source applications so that you can easily use the software.

    Linux Mint


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