I can understand you have a hidden video artist inside you and therefore you are trying to look for video sharing sites. I know you are already aware about YouTube that it is the largest video sharing and streaming site around the world but I will show you today that YouTube is not the only video websites where you can share your self created videos to the global audience but there are many more.

There are many video sharing sites apart from YouTube where you can watch videos online and also share videos with your friends or with public. If you have created some really cool video then you can share your video to the below free video websites where your audience will be able to watch your videos online. I am sharing video streaming sites which have almost all features of YouTube and you can watch HD videos but still they are not so popular so lets get started

Top 15+ Video Sharing Sites: Host Your Video

  1. Youtube:

    Youtube is world’s largest video streaming website. I know this one you already knew as a video sharing sites So anyone can upload video and share it with others but its inclusion is a mandate ;-).  The best this about YouTube is it is easy to use, user-friendly and available in more than 50 languages so you can use it according to you. You have to be logged-in with your Google account to start uploading and sharing video on youtube. Unregistered users can only stream videos online.
    YouTube video sharing sites

  2. Netflix:

    Netflix is a one of the popular video streaming sites for all users. In this free website you can watch TV shows, serials, movies and videos anytime anywhere. You might not be knowing that you can actually upload your own original videos as well on this website but it should not copied from somewhere. Other visitors and user of this website can easily watch your videos from this video sharing website. You can use this website free for a month in a 30 Days Trial, after that it will ask you for paid subscription.
    Netflix Watch TV Shows Online Watch Movies Online

  3. Live Leak:

    Live leak is another popular and amazing free video sharing sites. Live leak is a news website where you can upload your own video which you want to share with others so that other users can watch and enjoy your video. This websites share videos like politics, war clips, reality footage and world events. This website has more categories so that you can upload news video according to these categories. This website has a chat option so that viewers can chat to each others and get the latest news easily.
    LiveLeak.com Redefining the Media

  4. Vimeo:

    Vimeo is a video sharing platform where you can upload video for share with other users. Free user of vimeo can upload only 500MB per week where as a person with premium account can upload unlimited HD videos, create channels, albums and groups to share the video to others. Vimeo also provides a third party player by which you can play its video. You can upload as well as watch a video from this website. If you want only watch the video then you don’t have need any account but if you want to upload and share video to others then you must have an vimeo account.
    Vimeo Watch upload and share HD videos

  5. Twitch:

    Twitch is a platform for live video streaming of Amazon. In this website you can watch live coverage of gaming by live Channels. There is 30 days free-trial option in this website so that you can try this website for 30 days and upload video and share it with others. You can also use its app in your smartphone and use it on your smartphone. For upload video you must have an account on Twitch so firstly you create a free account and login to Twitch after that you can upload any video.

  6. Tinypic:

    Tinypic is another popular and free video sharing sites. In this website, you can easily upload any of your favorite video so that other users can watch and download that video easily. In this website you can easily upload audio, video or any of your favorite images which you want to share with other users. You can easily find your video according to te category and watch or download it.
    TinyPic Free Image Hosting Photo Sharing Video Hosting

  7. Ustream:

    Ustream is an amazing free Video Sharing Sites. This site supports many more functions like streaming, embed and engage with audience, HD broadcasting, and others. In this free website more than 2 million live video events streamed every month. You can use, upload and watch any of your favorite video from anywhere world wide. In this website you can find videos releated to technology, entertainment and political fields. If there are any video uploaded previously then you can’t upload it again becsuse this website reject your video.

  8. Smugmug:

    Smugmug is a better plastform where you can host your HD photos and videos and also sell it online to others. For using this feature you must have an account on Smugmug so that you can upload any photo and video and sell it online. Here you can get free trial period for 14 days after that you must buy a best plan according to your use so that you can get yhe beter advantage of this video sharing sites.
    Photo Sharing. Stunning Photo Websites. SmugMug

  9. Vine:

    Vine is a good platform where you can share your video to other users. In this website you can search any video by its name and category. You must have also upload you video by selecting its category. You can also download its app on your Android, iOS and windows phone the app is available in 25 language so you can select your own language and enjoy its services. This is a video sharing sites platform where you can upload only a short form video clips and share it to other visitors. In the vine you can upload only six second looping video clip and revine it. The app “loo count” algorithm shows that how many times your videos shows by other followers.

  10. Viewster:

    Viewster is an internet video streaming site. In this website anyone can watch online video and also can upload your own video so that other visitors and users can watch that. There are two categoris available on this website movies and television. You can select any of them and share your video with others and also can watch the video which is already uploaded on this website. This website is easy to use and user-friendly so that anyone can use this website as well as its app on your smartphone.
    Watch Original Free Movies and TV Shows Instantly Online Viewster

  11. Yahoo Screen:

    Yahoo screen is most popular and amazing free website to host your video online. This is as simillar as youtube. In this website you can easily search movies, TV serials, live shows, and others. The homepage of this website is randomaly changed so that it looks beautiful. Yahoo video supports more than one categories so that you can easily find any of your favorite video. In this you can also upload your own video and share it with your friends and other users of yahoo. You can upload video according to its category like Comedy Music, Celebrity, Finance, Technology news, Fashion& Beauty and others.

  12. Break:

    Break is most popular Video Sharing Sites. In this website, you can watch and upload most popular funny videos, comedy clips, flash games, and funny pictures. Users of this website also can share videos on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+ and others. In this website you can easily see the viral videos, original series, movies and App.
    Funny Videos Funny Clips Funny Pictures Break.com

  13. Dailymotion:

    Dailymotion is another popular and amazing website for upload and share HD videos. There are more than 30 languages available in this website so that you can select any of your favorite language and use this website easily. This website provides most common features such as upload video, watch video, follow other channels, search videos and channals and others. You can add or follow other friend of dailymotion users.
    What to Watch Dailymotion

  14. Vube:

    Vube is a good platform where you can upload and share HD videos free. On this platform you can upload an unique and interesting video and get thousands of dollars. On this website you have to create your own channel so that you can publish your content and video on this website. You can also share any video on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, google+ and others.

  15. AcFun:

    AcFun is a Chinese video sharing sites. On this website you can upload and share your own video with your friends. You can also watch the video which is already uploaded on this website so that you can enjoy the other videos. For upload any video you must have to creat an account on AcFun and login without login you can’t upload any video on this website. You can watch videos according to its categories like horror, drama, comedy, sci-fi, movies and others.

  16. Myspace:

    Myspace is one of the popular and good video sharing sites. Here you can upload and share any of the video according to your interest. The best part of this website is you can select any of the users and start following to it so that when he/she upload any video you can get a notification so that you can watch that video. You can also easily search any people who are registered on this website.
    Featured Content on Myspace


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