Do you want to share large chunk of files with your friends and looking for any secure file sharing site ? I believe your answer is Yes and I can understand your concern because most of the email providers including Gmail, do not allow to share files over 25 MB. The simple work around for this is to use popular file sharing sites which lets you to share unlimited files.

Today I have come up with top free and secure file sharing sites which will let you to share games, apps, apks, images, jpegs, videos, songs among your friends sitting at any corner of the world. Here are top 10 most popular free, secure online file sharing sites which will help you in easily storing your files on cloud.

Online File sharing sites

Top 11 Secure File Sharing Sites: File Hosting 2017

  1. Google drive

    Google drive is one the best free online file sharing platform owned by Alphabet. It lets you to share and store files for free of cost. It provides 15GB of free space, which is really huge. You can store your important data and files on Google Drive and access it from any where. It also allows you to make any file public so that you can share it with your friends.

    Google drive is like your online pen drive where data including photos, videos, apps, apk, exe, zip files, etc can be stored . Google drive is a secure and popular file sharing sites. The only prerequisite is you should have a google account account, which I know you already have. If in case you require more storage space then Google Drive also offers paid subscription plans.

    Google Drive Cloud Storage File sharing sites

  2. 4shared

    4Shared is another reliable secure file sharing site. It lets you to store and access upto 15 GB of storage which is a good amount of storage.File upload and sharing process of 4shares is very fast and secure and files can be downloaded quickly. One of the nice features is you can share multiple files at the same time on 4shared. free file sharing and storage

  3. One drive

    One drive is a famous online file sharing site offered by Microsoft. It is a Microsoft product so you can imagine by its name that how much secure it would be.  It offers 5Gb of free storage space and allows you to share files with your friends and family easily with complete security. For sharing the file with Onedrive, you have to signup with Microsoft and login to your account so that their system can authenticate you and then simply start uploading and sharing files with one drive very easily.

    Microsoft OneDrive File sharing sites

  4. iCloud

    iCloud is a secure online file sharing sites for apple users. iCloud offers 5GB of free storage. If you have an iPhone/MAC or any apple product then you are free to upload files and share upto 5GB. If you need more space then you can go for icloud paid plans. To use iCloud you have to have an Apple account. iCloud is easy to use and highly secure file sharing platform so it is highly recommended for all apple users to use iCloud for storing files and sharing them with friends and family.

    iCloud amazing file sharing site app

  5. SugarSync

    SugarSync is another amazing secure online file sharing sites. It is a premium site and has paid subscription plans but it offers get 30 days free trial. Many of its users believe that it is even better than Dropbox.

  6. Dropbox

    Dropbox is another free secure file sharing site. Dropbox is a very secure and easy to use for all users. Dropbox is not only works as a traditional files store but also has compatibility with various third party tools and plugins which makes your online life easy.

    If you are into web development or running a website on managed hosting, then you will find various backup plugins which lets you to backup and restore your site directly from Dropbox web developer then you can authenticate several backup plugins installed on the server for free.

    Dropbox allows you to share your photos, docs, and videos, apps, exe, zip, etc anywhere upto 2GB.

    Dropbox top secure file sharing sites

  7. Zippyshare

    Zippyshare is another free file sharing site. In this free file sharing website there is no need to create any account and it lets you to upload unlimited files for sharing among your friends.
    There is no download limit on Zippyshare and lets you to upload unlimited files each of upto 200MB. Zippyshare has over 30 million active users who are using it for free file sharing. On the other hand, few people also use Zippyshare to spread piracy as it does not have any restrictions to download. Free File Hosting

  8. Downace is another file sharing website. With the help of this file sharing website you can upload any number of files and can share them with your friends and other users of downace website. For sharing files in this website firstly you have to get registered on Downace and then start uploading any files and share it with anyone. Downace is easy to use for file uploading and as well as downloading.

    DownAce Free Unlimited Cloud File Hosting

  9. MediaFire

    Mediafire is a file sharing website which is based on cloud storage service. It is easy to use and provides free services allowing you to easily upload files like photos, documents, music, and video, apps, exe, zip, mp3, mp4, etc in a single cloud storage.

    They offer unlimited storage so that you can upload a big data chunk. You can easily sort files based on their categories and make several groups to filter your files. You can create folders to keep your files organized. I would suggest you to give a try once and check it your self how this file sharing site is.

    Mediafire Simple File Sharing and Storage.

  10. Open Drive

    Open Drive is a popular free file sharing sites where you can easily share files and folders with your friends and others. One Drive offers 5GB of free space but you can increase it upto 7GB by writing its review, sharing about opendrive on Social media etc. One Drive has over million of active users. You can send files and folders by email with the help of this free file sharing and storage website.

    OpenDrive Cloud Storage file sharing website

  11. Bigfilebox

    Bigfile Box is another file sharing website which lets you to easily share your files. Bigfile box is easy to use, fully secure and and with this you can also send your name with your file. To use Bigfilebox you have to create a free account after that it will give you safe and private online space allowing you to upload files and also share them with any one.

    Bigfilebox simple big file transfer



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