Video players for android have always played a role in providing a great user experience while streaming videos or movies on mobile phones. There were times when we used to get adjusted with the default video player on mobile but today we have dozens of video player apps which we can easily get on our phone.

Watching videos on smartphones have become a part of our daily routines.  There are tons of video codecs available these days and the android default video player can support only few of them which are popular ones. Therefore, if you love streaming tons of videos then you can either use video editing apps on your smartphones and convert incompatible codecs into the compatible video codec which can work on your default player or you can use third party video players which will let you to play videos in multiple video codecs.

One of the pros of using a good video player is you won’t anymore get “codec not supported” error while playing any video. Therefore, I am sharing a list of top 10 popular video players on android.



Best video player for android

Top 10 Best Android Video Players

  1. AC3 Player

    AC3 PlayerAC3 Player is one of those simplest video players which can play any of your videos with tricky format without having to use any plug-in or externally downloaded file. The optimization of this video player is hidden in the user interface of the app which mainly focuses on improving the overall performance. It not only supports few other video codecs but also supports many audio codecs. It is really easy to use and comes with features like subtitle support, playback speed control, and sleep timer.

    Download AC3 Player

  2. KM Player

    KMPlayerWho does not know about the versatility of KM Player? Apart from serving as one of the best video players in the market, it has managed to win hearts by providing other amazing features to its users. It has slow motion playback through which you can easily see your favorite scenes intricately. The subtitle feature is obviously most desired one along with KMP Connect. KMP Connect is a feature through which you can easily share the media with your friends. The gesture support provided for easy access is a convenient feature of KM Player that makes it work on all devices.

    Download KM Player

  3. BS Player

    BSPlayerBS Player is one of the favorite video players for Android since a long time. It is embedded with multi-core hardware decoding and allows you to stream videos from other network devices. Apart from these, there is subtitle support, can play files which are in compressed form, and you can have a pop-up window if required. You can have additional plug-ins as per your requirements. It is available for free but with ad-supported format which is not present in the pro version.

    Download BS Player

  4. Plex

    PlexPlex is not only a video player but audio player too. It has an interesting user interface which makes it look easy for beginners also. You can adjust the volume and brightness of the screen by just swiping your finger across the screen. This video player works amazingly with all types of displays and ensures that user has a good experience. It supports a variety of formats so you are not likely to face a problem as far as format is concerned.

    Download Plex

  5. mVideo Player

    mVideoPlayermVideo Player is the type of video player which solely believes in serving the purpose. It does not come with a lot of customizations, but guarantees a good experience for the user. It has subtitle support and you can create your own playlist for convenience. Apart from this, you get to bookmark the videos which you are most likely to put on repeat. Also, if you move to different task in the middle of watching videos, then you can start from the same place again.

    Download mVideo Player

  6. Player Xtreme

    PlayerXtremePlayer Xtreme is a popular video player app for android with power packed features. You can watch videos of 40 different and unique formats and enjoy the advanced features for absolutely free of cost. You get to adjust the playback speed and you can share your files on bigger screens like chromecast and AirPlay.

    Download Player Xtreme

  7. MX Player

    MX PlayerMX player is one of the most popular video players as it offers multiple video formats and codecs. It was the first to include features like hardware decoding, hardware accelerated playback, and much more. The best thing about MX player is gesture control including pinch to zoom feature. It allows you to add more plug-ins to level up your experience.

    Download MX Player

  8. G Player

    GPlayerG player is made for people who are rapidly shifting from one app to another. Now, you do not have to stick to your video player just for the sake of it, because G Player has a floating window feature. Not only this, you can also watch multiple videos at a time, and this is undoubtedly not provided by any other video player for Android. You can set themes, choose subtitles, and can stream your videos to other people’s device too. What else do you expect from a video player?

    Download G Player

  9. VLC

    VLCVLC video player has already ruled the windows platform since more than a decade now. It is new on android but has managed to gain popularity. You can easily stream videos on VLC if you have a web URL and it also allows you to play videos of almost every format, including the obscure ones.

    With well-chiseled features of VLC player, you will not require any additional plug-ins. You can take the screenshots of your favorite scene with the in-built screen capture feature. The other features are subtitle support, full media support, multi-track audio, and what not. This app is completely free and the beta version allows you to see the upcoming features without charging anything extra.

    Download VLC

  10. Wondershare Player

    Wondershare PlayerWondershare Player has some of the unique features as compared to other apps. This not only supports the videos on your device, but also allows you to stream the videos. You can watch videos from sources such as YouTube, Vevo, TED, ESPN, and Hulu also. Just like VLC, you need a URL to stream the videos on this app too. It has extremely convincing features and you can easily add plug-ins while using it on desktop. This is a balanced video player with satisfactory features.

    Download Wondershare Player

Final Words

Thus, after taking a look at the above top 10 Android video players, it would be fair to conclude that all of them have something new and unique to offer. You can easily pick any of these apps based on your requirement or choice. Apart from basic issues like playback and subtitles, there are also options available to tackle with your storage issues. And if this does not fascinate you, then what will!

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