How to unlock a display picture in facebook View Private Facebook Photos : Facebook is one of the best and secure social media platform. Facebook is very strict when it comes to any security breach in its system. Facebook buddies are continuously working to regularly enhance the protection and services that are being provided to their users. Still there are very few possible ways to trick Facebook privacy. Recently I came across a cool trick that allows to view and download the full picture of any facebook friend who has enabled the privacy setting on his/her display picture to “Only me”.
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How To View Private Facebook Photos ?

  1. Go to the facebook Profile of a friend in your timeline, who has set the privacy to “Only me” and whose Display Picture is not click able.
unlock display picture in facebook
  • ¬†Right click on that Display Picture and click on “Copy image Location“. I have attached a screenshot to make you understand better.
profile picture
  • Open notepad and paste the image location.
  • Find “s160x160” in the link and replace it with s720x720.
    s160x160 trick facebook
  • Copy the modified image location from notepad and open any web browser and paste the image location in the address bar of the browser. Hit enter and Taa Daaa¬† !!! Full size Display Picture is in front of you. You can also save that picture in your system.

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I have used this trick many times and it always works perfectly. You should also try it and tell your experiences and suggestions in the comments below.