Email system has brought revolution in the whole world as it has completely surpassed the traditional mail system. Emails have proven to be the best and reliable medium to serve for the business communications. Even the final step of every online registration process is always concluded by the email verification. But on its dark side, email spoofing is a very serious issue. Eavesdroppers may use the email address of a legitimate sender to send mails to the recipients. You can also send spoofed mails to your friends without having any technical knowledge. There are many online free fake mailers available but most of them are spam but emkei is one of the working mailers which has a very simple to use user interface.

emkei mailer

How to Send Spoofed E-Mails ?

  1. Go to emkei mailer. Enter any name which you want to be displayed in your victim’s inbox in the “From Name:” text box.
  2. In the “From E-mail:” section, you have to fill up any email address, from which you want to send the fake mail.
  3. Enter the email address of the victim (It must be a valid email address).
  4. Write subject and message and finally hit the send button.

Final Words

You should only use the fake mailers to fool your friends and for fun, it should not be used for any illegal activity, as spoofed mails can be easily traced.

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