The only dream of every web master is to get unlimited targeted traffic to his blog/website and search engine optimization is the only way to get targeted traffic for absolutely free. Social media and social bookmarking are also a great resource of traffic but if you are creating an affiliate web page and want to generate sales then the best way to get higher conversions is to rank the web page in search engines for right keywords as traffic from social media may not be the right audience who is willing to purchase your products.
The only way to get loved by search engines is to create and maintain a search engine friendly website to get rewards in the form of  free targeted traffic. It is good to create backlinks and conquer search engines like Google for short term, but let me tell you Google is smart enough and keeps on releasing its algorithm updates to push down the spammy and non-worthy articles from its index. If you are creating a blog for long run and want to use it for your long term business then you need to make sure that your website complies with what Google wants. I have mentioned few tips below that can help you to stay friendly with the Google updates.

killer seo tips

1) Create Infographics To Get Unlimited Natural Backlinks

Have you ever seen awesome infographics on Neil Patel’s Quick sprout ? He is actually investing lots of money on infographics designs and relevancy and sharing for absolutely free on his blog along with the sharing link just below the infographics. Do you know why ? This is actually his smart strategy to get unlimited free backlinks which are also loved by Google. Infographics have that capability to get viral and therefore most of the big digital marketers target them to get unlimited natural backlinks. You can also try for the same.

2) Never Write About News And Tech Updates On Your New Blog

If you are writing about any news updates or the specification of new trending mobile phone or Operating System on your new blog then I am sorry but you will never be able to generate search engine traffic on that post. Google is already aware about the top news sites and it will only rank them instantly on any of the trending news and even if you managed to rank on that keyword within one-two months then that news will not be trending for your readers and they will stop searching about that keyword and your post will become a dead post.

3) Update Your Blog Content Regularly

Google loves to crawl those websites which are updated regularly. This is my personal experience and I can assure you if you can manage to update your blog posts regularly then your blog rankings will get automatically boosted up even with negligible off page optimization. I know it might be a tough job for you to get content ideas and write posts daily but you can modify already published posts regularly and trust me you will see a boost in your blog rankings.

4) Build Quality Backlinks And Maintain The Link Velocity

Building quality and relevant backlinks is a crucial part in SEO but link building is an art which has to be done carefully otherwise you may end up with nothing.This is also a fact that you can also rank some of the low competition keywords with just on page optimization but if you want to remain in the market for long run and want to grow your visitors and rankings then quality backlinks are must. It will also increase the domain authority of your blog.
You can build as many backlinks to your blog but make sure you are maintaining the link velocity. It will look natural to Google and your blog will never be hit by Google algorithms. If you build hundreds and thousands of backlinks within few days then your blog will surely be thrown away in the next update of Google and you will be out of the game.

5) Monitor Rankings Of Your Keywords

It is suggested to make a note of the keywords which you are targetting or which are already ranked in search engines in an excel sheet and monitor their rankings frequently so that you get aware about your competitors and google algorithm changes. There are many keyword tracking tools like moonsy which can help you to track your rankings. Montoring your competitors also means you can steal their rankings by secretly stealing their golden backlinks.

6) Never Try To Fool Google By Creating Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are low quality pages which many affiliate marketers use to gain traffic from search engines by fooling Google bots. Doorway pages are optimized for those particular keywords and phrases that have nothing to do with its contents as they are only created to redirect the traffic to some other page. Visitors feel as if they are cheated as they do not get information which they want.
Google can kill your business at anytime if it catches the doorway pages in your website.
Ebay was the recent victim of PANDA and lost its 80% of organic rankings just because of doorway pages.

7) Keep An Eye On Your Enemies

Infact, in the field of blogging there is no enemy, we all are from the same domain and we all contribute to build up the internet, but there might be few who want to downgrade your business and can do negetive SEO by building low quality backlinks to your blog with non relevant anchor texts. If you will not keep an eye on those people then one or the other day you will surely notice a continuous fall of revenue. It is suggested to use Google Disavow tool to remove low quality links if you find any.

8) Steal Google Rankings Of Your Competitors

If you are targeting a particular money making keyword then there is a possibility that you might not able to get on the first page of Google even if you are following the corrent on page SEO strategies. Then in this case you can try to steal the backlinks of your competitor and you will start noticing the magic within few days. You can use tools like ahrefs, semrush to make a note of your competitors rankings and backlinks.

9) Enjoy The Power Of Internal Links

 Do you build internal links within your blog ? I wish your answer to this question is yes. If your answer is no then you should start doing it from today only because when the Google bots come to your page to crawl it then if they find any do follow anchor text , they simply crawl that as well. It enables the crawlers to understand the content of your website more better and it will help in boosting up your SERP rankings.

10) Select The Right Keywords To Target

This is the common mistake. It might happen with you that you have chosen a keyword and even you managed to rank on that but then you are not getting any search engine traffic. This is because you had not chosen the right keyword to target your visitors. You should choose right and traffic generating keywords from the keyword planner tool by monitoring the competition on that keyword.