Google search engine is known for making life easy and more than half of the population of the world is using google daily. The exceptionally intelligent algorithms of google make it apart  from the rest of the hundreds of search engines. It is also a fact that most of Google Products and Services that you might not knowthe internet users set Google as their homepage but the this is there are a lot more useful google products apart from search engine.
Google has gone far beyond a search engine and its products and services are also known for their excellence. The google products that completely changed lifestyles of billions are Android, Chrome, Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Translate, Blogger, Adsense/Adwords, Picasa, Drive and many others. Now you can figure out how many google products you are using day and night.There are few other useful Google products and services which are useful too but less popular. I have listed 10 Google services in a random order which are less popular, however they are worth using.

Top 10 Useful Google Products And Services You are Unaware

Top Alphabet Products And Services

1) Google Drawings

Google drawings is a tool that allows you to create, edit and share drawings and flowcharts online. The drawings can be published as images and can be downloaded in standard formats. Google drawings can definitely be an alternative to the expensive drawings tools that are generally used by people.
Official Features Of Google Drawings:
  • Edit drawings online and invite others to view your edits in real time.
  • From within the editor chat with the ones who are editing your drawing.
  • Drawings can be published as images.
  • Insert texts, arrows scribbles and images from your hard drive or from web.
  • Insert drawings into other google documents, presentations or spreadsheets using the web clipboard.

2) Google Sites

Google Sites is a completely free platform for creating sites that you can share with specific people or with the whole world. With google sites creating a web page is as easy as editing a document.
Few Remarkable Features of Google Sites:
  • No HTML required
  • Web page creation in single click.
  • Dozens of pre-built templates.
  • Control sharing and access settings
  • Attach files from other google products including Google Docs, Google Calendar, YouTube and Picasa etc.
  • 10 GB of google sites storage in addition to extra 500 MB for each Google apps premier and education editions account.

3) Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly literature. If you are looking for articles, theses, books, abstracts, court opinions, then Google scholar is the right place for you. It also allows to save search results in library.

4) Google Sky

Google Sky is an exciting tool that helps you to explore the sky and with google earth you can see the live images of galaxies, objects and more. With google sky, you can find out the positions of planets on the sky and can watch the birth of distant galaxies as seen by the hubble space telescope.

5) Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a library of free hundreds of open source fonts that are web optimized. You can browse from hundreds of available fonts and add one to your collection and then grab a ready made code for the specific font for your website. All you have to do is just link the external stylesheet from Google font API and then integrate google fonts into the CSS of your website. Google fonts is popular among the web developers.

6) Google Keep

Google Keep enables you to quickly capture what’s on your mind and be reminded at the right time and at the right place with a unique feature of Geo-fencing. With Google keep you can find out quickly what you need with the colored and organized notes. The best part is it gets automatically synced with all of the devices using your google account to notify you at the right time. Google Keep is also available for Chrome browser and Android.
Download Keep for Android
Download Keep for Chrome Browser

7)  Google Cloud Print

Google cloud print is a sophisticated technology that connects your printers to the web. With google cloud print you can make your work and home printers synced with your devices, regardless of where you are whether in the same room or in some other country. It is recommended that you connect a cloud ready printer but no need to worry even if you are having a conventional/non cloud printer as you can connect it too with your chrome browser.

Features of Google Cloud Print:

  • Supports all printers
  • Documents are transferred over secure HTTPS web connection.
  • You can share your printer with anyone you choose directly from your google account.

8) Panoramio

Panoramio is a geo-location based photo sharing community owned by google. It invites user to upload and share photos of the world and after a review, accepted photos are added in Google earth and map. The goal of the website is to allow Google earth users to know more about a particular location by viewing the photos that are taken by other users at that place.

9) Build With Chrome

Build with chrome allows you to create 3D structures with virtual Lego bricks. The project is a partnership between Google chrome and Lego group. You can build 3D Lego structures on any plot around the world and then publish it and share it with your friends.

10) Google TakeOut

Google Takeout  is a backup tool designed to retrieve a copy of your google data. It allows you to download an archive of your data from google products like Google+ including your circles, +1’s, Contacts, Blogger, Picasa web albums, Gmail, Google drive, Youtube.

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