When you hear the word “hands-free” then what is the first thing that strikes your brain? An earphone, right ? because hands-free lets you listen to your favorite music and calling without having any physical touch with your phone, but definition of hands-free is not going to remain the same for a long time because in this competitive digital era developers, around the globe are trying their best to bring something unique to the table. 
Whistle-detecting-CameraNow let me give you another and a new definition of “hands-free” in the context of camera in your android smartphone. Imagine that you are driving a car and want to take pictures of the landscapes, then what will you do? You will stop the car to take pictures. Right? But no worries, you can easily take awesome high quality snaps while keeping your hands busy with the steering by having a whistle detecting camera installed on your smartphone. Whistle detecting camera apps also let you take your selfies and pictures even when you are wearing gloves and not able to use the touchscreen. Here are the two camera apps for your android smart phone which lets you to take pictures and selfies by just a whistle.

1: Whistle Camera 

Whistle camera lets you whistle to take snapshots and selfies. This app can control your front and back camera easily. Taking pictures is very easy, just open the app and whistle, this app will automatically take picture. I have personally used this app and found the app works exactly what it says. You can also use volume up button to take pictures. If you want to take selfie with your front camera then a count down of 3 seconds starts just after you whistle and after 3 seconds your selfie is ready to share on the social networks. In the app settings you can change the gallery location of your pictures and and also tweak the sensitivity for the whistle detector. By default the sensitivity of the whistle detector is 3 which worked perfect for me, but you can change it accordingly when you are in the noisy areas. The app is available for free. I have attached a screenshot of whistle camera here to show you the user interface of the app but please ignore the bad picture quality as the front camera of my phone is just 2 MP. I took this selfie by just whistling. 😉


Cons :
This app supports advertisements which may annoy you a little bit but you can upgrade the app to pro to remove advertisements and the other point, whistle camera only supports camera and not the video recorder, so it can not be the perfect replacement of the default google camera that comes with our phone.

2) Whistle Cam

Whistle cam is a whistle detecting camera which also lets you to take pictures automatically with your whistle. The good part about this app is you can adjust white balance according to the surroundings before taking a picture. You can directly share the pictures to the social networks with its one tap feature, you can get this app for free from the play store.

I have used this app and found the app does not supports the front camera and the sensitivity of the whistle can not be adjusted however the default setting works pretty good.


These apps have made daily photography a fun. These apps will enhance the smartness of your smatphone. So it is worth to try them.