Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing platforms which lets you to share your private or public photos. It is possible to see video view count on the videos which you have uploaded however the app doesn’t let you know who is actually stalking on your Instagram account and secretly following your pictures.

If you are an active Instagram user then there is a good probability that you have secret followers as well who like to check your Instagram profile and your photos. Fortunately there are ways to know who is looking at your Instagram. You can even know who views your Facebook.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps owned by Facebook inc. It has always been very popular since its launch in 2010. Instagram has over a billion active users. The wonders of all the filters and easy photo edits do attract a lot of people to check your life through the photos or simply go through pictures because they’re bored. But it is also important for you to know who is checking your instagram to solve impending privacy issue if that occurs. But before that lets find out why you should know who checks your Instagram account.

Why Should You know Who Viewed Your Instagram ?

A lot of people have blamed Instagram for provoking their privacy. Anyone can check your profile and posts when you do not have a private account. Yes! if you have an Instagram account with Public privacy, it literally means anyone on the internet can view your instagram and you won’t know it. Here are few reasons as to why you should know about your account views on Instagram:

  • Your popularity

    Knowing about people who have viewed your instagram feed gives you a fair enough idea of how popular you are. For most of the teenagers and youngsters, their instagram popularity count gives them an immense internal satisfaction.

  • Are you interesting?

    A lot of followers and views can be a good sign indicating you are an interesting person to follow. People may want to know more about you and therefore it might be interesting to know who keeps on visiting your Instagram as it will also give you an option to block unwanted persons on Instagram.

  • Is there some stalker?

    Besides your family and friends, there are people who visit your profiles on a regular basis. There are also annoying elements who want to be you and do whatever you post and copy your posts. These can be people who can constantly be monitoring your moves over the internet. So if you can figure out who these people are, it becomes easy for you to block them. Blocking keeps the matter from getting out of hand.

How To Know Who Checks My Instagram Account?

how to Know Who Checks My Instagram Account

A lot of people wonder as to how they will come to know who views their Instagram account.  To end this question and confusion the magical tech minds around the world brainstormed to come up with applications and ways that will let you know who is stalking you and will help you get rid of the disturbing elements, these apps in real has helped protect a lot of women against cyber bullying.

  1. InstaMutual

    InstaMutualInstaMutual is an application available for iOS which has a feature with its latest update that lets you see who is checking your Instagram account. You can keep this feature on for 24 hours to see every user that is visiting your account. Just download InstaMutual and sign in to it with your Instagram account details. After that click on the ‘Settings’ icon and scroll to see who is checking your account. Purchase the app for $4.99 gives you access to a panel which shows who checked your profile accurately on what day and what time.

       Download From iTunes

  2. InstaView

    InstaViewInstaView is another app that accurately tells who checked your Instagram Account. This app is available for both iOS and Android. InstaView apart from the Instagram database fetches data from other sources which are relative to your account and almost exact result of who visited your Instagram profile and checked your posts. The analysis of the trends from Instagram and other sources are really accurate. InstaView allows you to see up to 200 recent views of that Instagram profile of yours.

       Download From PlayStore    Download From iTunes

Keep your account private

It feels good to share your posts on your Instagram that can be viewed by the public. However there are a lot of malware that can target your instagram account by pretending to be an app which shows who views your Instagram account but results may be damaging.  and more that asked for your login credentials and hacked your account and sent your security down the hill. Beware of these pretentious apps.

Who views your Instagram stories

With a Snapchat kind of update, the last few updates of Instagram lets you share photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours. There is a section for the stories that you can control who views your Insta stories and also if they are able to reply you on the basis of that, you can limit your story replies only till your followers.

These are the ways in which you can keep your Instagram safe from being exploited by unwanted stalkers. Social media and networking is a real fun element, but cyber or social media bullying is not a pretty thing to be encountered. So try to implement ways to keep your online accounts safe as much as you can.


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